Birthday Treat(s)….sequel

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Family, Feel-Good, Nostalgia, Personal

Ooops! I have overlooked one item in my original write-up of “Birthday Treat(s)”. I should be more careful.  I thought I was missing something, but after checking and re-checking my text, nothing seemed to transmit anything unusual to my gray matter department.  I bet my gray matter is getting a wee bit rusty with age and it’s time for lubrication.  LOL!  Thanks to one of the commenters for pointing this out.  And who else, if it wasn’t my own kitchen mentor.  MUM!!!  Sorry, mum, for forgetting your signature birthday cake, ‘kek pasir rubuh’.  For the non-Malay speaking readers, ‘kek‘ is the Malay word for cake, ‘pasir‘ is the Malay equivalent of ‘sand’ in English and ‘rubuh‘ is something akin to an avalanche.  Geez, sounds like something  from physical geography, but uh-uh, mum’s ‘kek pasir rubuh’ was quite exceptional. I don’t have the recipe on hand just now, but I remember, the prunes being one of the prominent ingredients in the cake.  Why the cake was called ‘pasir rubuh’ was because of the way the cake fell apart  and melted in the mouth, like crumbled sandy cliffs.  There you go…. an avalanche :-).  Yep, that was mum’s signature birthday cake. It was just divine.

By the way, if you are put off by prunes, just think positive for a while.  Prunes are packed with nutrients and goodness, rich in antioxidants and listen to this….they are fat free! Have I convinced you yet?

See you soon!

  1. Dada says:

    hahaha….aok eh. Eventhough I don’t really like cakes but mom’s kek pasir rubuh was indeed divine. Mom is really taking step by step to make preparation for her vacation this summer, health, teeth, hair, wardrobe..etc…. hahahahaa…..


    See you soon che..

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Fantastic, Da! Looking forward to seeing you and mum this summer! Hugs xxx

  3. […] My mum baked but the types of “western” cakes she baked were quite limited with a few exceptions, of course ( remember the “Kek Pasir Rubuh” I mentioned on my post, Birthday Treat(s)….sequel?). […]

  4. […] by the way, I made mum’s kek pasir rubuh (ref Birthday Treat(s)….sequel), a day after her birthday.  This piece was specially for mummy […]

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