Back to Life, Back to Reality!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Lifestyle, Nostalgia, Short Story

Oh man…..  Time flies so fast when you’re about to make the most out of it!  It seems like only yesterday when my mother and youngest sister came from Kuching to Leuven for the summer holidays.

But the reality is – and remains – very hard to swallow 😦

Golly gosh, only now did I notice that my last post was dated 21st July.  It feels like many moons away…

I have so many stories to share, which I will, in the next posts (of our holidays at the French Pyrenees, London, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Hasselt, the coast, etc), however, the mind is strong but the body is weak!  Let’s face it, how many of us actually bounced back to earth gleefully and really meant it, after coming back from weeks of glorious holidays? Hmmmm….

Yikes!  Not I!!  No way, Jose! Not in a million years!!

Aargh!!!  Back to the grind. The boring old stuff, but, THAT, people, is reality!  The amusing thing was I remembered ALL my passwords. Darn! I guess my holidays were way too short 😉

My meeting with reality started with a nightmare. My “terrible child” started to reject me. She was no longer the bashful child I knew the past 8 years. She became highly boisterous and loud, to the point that I could not handle her anymore. When I directed her uphill, she went downhill (backwards!!). When I tried to keep her “vocal” down, she raised it to a deliriously high-pitched tone that completely humiliated me.  I just had to let her go….

And here’s how I let go of my Peugeot 206 “Enfant Terrible…. My terrible child

I have had 8 wonderful years with my Peugeot 206.  She had been extremely kind and gracious to me, transporting me from home to work to home, taking care of my city trips and groceries, making sure that I visited my friends on time, as well as my dentist, my hairdresser, lunching and dining out with my family, friends and colleagues, and, miraculously, she survived the 1.5 months when my mother and sister were here recently.  And then, she died down…with her final loud shrill, as if gasping for breath, she said her last goodbye.

Farewell, my dear.

Oh yes, I could keep her if I changed her gearbox. But it costs a bomb and there’s no guarantee that she would be back to her normal self.

With just 88,700 km, 8 years old and still in sleek condition, except for the gearbox, how much would you pay for her?


I checked a few websites and OMG….Hallelujah!! Some garages are selling these junks for Eur 3k!! And I got mine for half the price (from a least accommodating garage)!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Boy, was I chafed when I saw these rubbish and it hurts.

Chill out, girl.  That’s life!

And I did just that because I bought myself a Chill-Out!! 

Yep, one of THE most popular and reliable car makes around:  a Toyota!!!

According to the Top-10 most reliable cars survey provided by GizMag, “the Japanese automotive industry supplied every car in the Top-10, and amazingly 16 of the Top-20!! Japanese models may not be the most charismatic but you’re unlikely to spend a great deal of money and time in the garage keeping it on the road.”

That’s precisely what I needed  😉

By the way, I’m glad to have brought life back to my reality.  How about you?

  1. We hardly see Peugeots in the US but there are a few in Kuching…and they turn my head because they look so sleek. I thought I wanted one, but your experience makes me have second thoughts. The new Toyota looks great — I think *that* should me my new car! 😀

    I wish I could take a month and a half to travel Europe. Can we switch houses?

  2. dada says:

    kesian ur peugeot. The car has been good to us, eventhough it gave some wierd noices but it never broke down, amazing. I miss that car. Your yaris looks nice. In kch, new yaris is 90k+. It is 1.6 nak. Auto or manual? Mom said the new car hopefully is auto. Hahaha…Today is a public holiday in m’sia. Che taok kan. Tomorrow back to reality. Work. Hahaha… Anyway, happy anniversary, wow 15 yrs, how time flies. We miss you all very much. XOX

  3. Nasifriet says:

    Well, I think French cars are too small and I know that Americans love BIG cars! An American colleague of mine was surprised how Europeans could drive in a Smart Car. “It’s like a toy car”, she once said. She wouldn’t feel safe driving in one. I guess I know why because she came from Florida, where she’s used to the strong winds 😀

    Nope, I don’t think you will want to switch houses ‘cos I did not take a mth and a half off work. Indeed my mother and sis were here for a mth and a half, but I took 3 weeks off work. That’s the max we could take with a very strong reason!

    BTW, are you in KCH permanently now?

  4. Nasifriet says:

    Yeah, I feel sorry letting her go,too, maybe more angry now that I know how much the garage can make from selling my car. I hope she goes to a good owner and not used in stockcar races!

    Da, there’s no Yaris 1.6 in Europe (or Belgium for that matter). We have the 1.0, 1.33 and 1.4. Mine is the 1.33i VVT-i Chill-Out, black metallic, 6-speed manual with stop-start function, so very eco friendly. RM90k for a yaris is a lot of “chien”. I guess you guys are paying a lot of import tax there.

    Thanks for the wishes. We’ll celebrate this weekend 😉

  5. We miss our Honda Odyssey minivan from the US – it was pretty roomy. But it totally wouldn’t fit in here in Kuching with the narrow lanes.

    We’re not permanently in KCH. Both of us have work permits and are on contracts. We don’t know whether we’re going to be here for a year, 2 years, or more. So we have to enjoy as much of Sarawak as we can in the time we’re here!

    Any other suggestions for things to see?

  6. Nasifriet says:

    Welcome to the Land of Hornbills! I hope you have grown to like KCH by now. The pics you took of your visit to the SCV were fantastic! I wish I could take pictures like that, but I have only a small Canon digital ixus 40 😦

    Oh BTW, I’ve written on you blog with two challenges:

    1. Visit Mukah during the Kaul Festival (between Mar to Apr). Experience first hand the giant swing “tibau” and then indulge in some grubs “siet” LOL!
    2. The Bako National Park

    I’d suggest a visit to the Niah Caves as well, but this is in Miri.

    Yep, enjoy the rest of Sarawak as much as you can 😀

  7. Sandy says:

    Welcome back! Yes, the hardcore reality is always very hard to swallow and you have challenged that back to perfection! Love your new Toyota.


  8. Nasifriet says:

    Hi Sandy!

    Yes, back to the doldrums of reality. I hope my Toyota will stay longer than 8 years. Fingers crossed 😀


  9. […] a scatch on my Yaris Chill-Out.  Oh yes, I’m totally infuriated.  If you have read my post Back to Life, Back to Reality! you will know what I am fuming about!! And worst of all, I parked my car in the basement of my […]

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