My Super DE*LI*CIOUS two-week old Wonton!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Food, Nostalgia

Two weekends ago, Colruyt offered a super promotion at their meat section.  For those who do not know Colruyt, well, it is one of Belgium’s supermarkets. It’s not like those hypermarkets or superstores combining a supermarket and a department store under one roof, in the likes of Carrefour, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Wal-Mart, to name a few. It’s a pretty decent-sized supermarket. With it’s tagline “Colruyt laagste prijzen” (Colruyt lowest prices), they actually meant what they preached.

Some people are put off by shopping at Colruyt because they assumed that the main reason behind the low priced tags is because the products sold have come of age, or are on the edge or nearing expiry dates.  Not true!  I’ve been to several superstores, and, lo and behold, some products were actually expired and were shelved on eye level for easy take-them-and-go!  I thought that was unscrupulous of the marketers!  So, people, always check the expiry dates!

By the way, Colruyt reminds me of AirAsia.  Low cost, no-frills!  With AirAsia’s tagline, “Now Everyone Can Fly”, Colruyt should come up with this punch line, “Now Everyone Can Eat”!  LOL!!

Now where was I?  Oh yes.  The super promotion that weekend was: “Buy 1 kg of minced meat, you get 500 g for free”. 

Er…but there are only 4 of us at home.  1.5 kg is a LOT of meat!

Anyway, I DID buy the minced meat. 1 kg plus 500 g of it all. The only smart way to cook up a meal from such a chunk of minced meat was to prepare 3 different sets of meals!  Oh yes, I did that, too!!

Meal 1 : Shepherd’s Pie (made and ate on 4th Sept)

Meal 2 : Bolognese Sauce (made on 4th Sept and ate on 5th Sept with spaghetti of course!)

Meal 3 : Wonton (made on 4th Sept and ate 2 weeks later, yes, read my lips *2 weeks later*…..)

Two weeks old? Isn’t that way overdue?  Expired?


There’s a trick to keep your 2-week old wonton 云吞 as fresh and delicious as brand new.  Trust me 😉

Here goes…….

Step 1 : Prepare the filling for the wonton (Be creative. I used minced meat, diced shrimps, chopped carrots, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, sesame oil, stock granules and pepper)

Step 2 : Place a portion of the filling in the centre of the wonton wrapper and wet the sidesStep 3 : Fold the wonton wrapper  in a triangle, like a samosa

Step 4 : Wet the two corners and pinch them together, like so –

Step 5 : Continue doing this until all the wonton wrappers are used (I made 45 wontons !)

Step 6 : Here’s when the trick comes in!  Take some aluminium foil and wrap each wonton separately.  Remember I made 45 wontons, so there should be 45 pieces of aluminium foil and tuck these away in a plastic container.

Step 7 : Very important. Label the container with the date the wontons were made.  As you can see, I made my wontons on 4th September, 2010

Step 8 : No pictures….. BUT very important.  In goes the labelled container in the FREEZER!! Yep, that’s the trick 😉

Step 9: When your palate is crying out for wonton, then it’s time to take the frozen wontons out from the freezer.  I did just that today and here’s the result of the un-wrapped frozen wonton made two weeks ago! As fresh as ever !

Step 10 : Place the frozen wontons in boiling water

Step 11 : Fish them out when they are cooked. You will know when they are ready when the wontons start to float on the surface of the boiling water

Step 12 : Here’s my two week old wonton broth with shredded chinese cabbage, julienned carrots, crispy fried onions and my favourite herb, fresh coriander!

Step 13 : Or better still, with some fresh baguette and Mae Pranom’s shrimp flavour crushed chilli for that extra kick!

Step 14: Bon Appetit! Smakelijk!

And by the way, to all Malaysians, far and near, a belated Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Happy Malaysia Day on 16th September!

I know you will enjoy this following video..


  1. dada says:

    hi che, 1st of all, i missed colruyt..the most down to earth superhypermarket and wysiwyg…and the most practical too.

    Your wonton is making me lau nua.hahaha…and i can totally imagined how che took all the photos. your boys said..’mama always take photos..mama takes photos very slow hah…’ Hahaha…

    I love your write up very much. I don’t reckon we can do like u did, mun di sitok, belum sehari dah nyau, lesap, licin..hahaha… But if too much wonton to handle, then in the end mom would fry them and we would indulge them like for hi-tea or as tv snacks like pop corn. Hahaha…i think you know that very well. In another word we would say it as chiak sng-sng. Hahaha

    Looking forward for more stories in your blog.

    Cheers. XOX

  2. Nasifriet says:

    LOL!! I guess it was Colruyt’s fault that you had to pay such high penalty for being overweight (your luggage). Boy oh boy, the chocolates and what nots. Ha ha ha.. But yes, it’s the most convenient store for us, just a stone’s throw away!

    Yalah Da, slowly but surely and remember, slow and steady win the race! 😀
    Maybe I shd consider getting myself a canon like yours. Hmmmmmm….

    Yeah, I remembered mum’s wonton. Finished in one day. Don’t think they would ever end up in the freezer. BTW, I’ve made fried wontons as well, but not in that batch. Yalah, very nice to chia sng-sng.

    Got your sms re aunty Kong2. May she rest in peace.


  3. Sandy says:

    Yummy! And thanks for making it look so easy. Now I know what to do with my way-too-much minced 😉

  4. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks, Sandy. I’m sure anyone can do it. Simple and YUMMY as you said. Happy trying..

  5. kongkay says:

    On an unrelated note, for the char-sui recipe, take out the 2 tbsp. water and replace with Chinese Shaoxing cooking wine. The water is for diluting the fermented bean curd. The wine should give an equivalent flavor but on a lesser intensity.

    Btw, nice wonton wrapping.

  6. Nasifriet says:

    Oh wow! Thanks, Kongkay! That’s brilliant. First, I’ve got to get that nice scotch filet ;-). Will let you know how it goes…

  7. King says:

    Pretty neat wonton wraps and yummy looking dish..
    BTW, a belated Happy Malaysia Day!

  8. When we used to make excess wontons or dumplings, we would line them up on a baking tray and slide it into our freezer (we had a big standalone freezer out in our garage in California). When the dumplings were frozen, we just picked them off the tray and put them into a big Ziploc freezer bag, about 40 dumplings per bag.

  9. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks for your insight, Nate! You’re lucky to have owned such a big freezer! We have a standalone freezer, as well, but the vertical type not the big horizontal freezer, which I think you had while you were in CA? I’d probably keep my dumplings (pau) the way you did, but I have yet to make any. Again thanks for the tip!

  10. Angel says:

    Gee, we Charbors should get together soon to replicate good ol’ Kuching hawker fare; you make these kiaw, the rest of us will make kolomee, tomato mee, char taugeh mee… and drink teh c peng..

  11. Nasifriet says:

    Ayoh, lau nua lah, Angel. You know we should get together again soon, but who will be the chefs behind the kolo mee, tomato mee or char taugeh mee or kway tiaw??? Come to think of it, I really miss the good old Kuching kolo mee!!! But we need to make the char siew first, otherwise not authentic laaa.. Teh C peng…anytime can make one. Iced teh tarik, right?? 😉

  12. X says:

    Chabors, agree with the suggestion to get together but you know cooking and me doesn’t go hand in hand but when it comes to eating, it’s another story! hehe…

  13. Nasifriet says:

    Eh Charbor.. don’t hide your talent lah. You and your kali kay, and better still your beef wellington. Wow! I’ve never attempted that before… 😀

  14. Angel says:

    X can make the kolomee, I have Tomato Mee experience! Ahemmmm…

  15. Nasifriet says:

    There u see, all kowtim oredi. And C can make the char kway tiaw. Heehee..

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  17. […] I knew the wrappers should be round and not square.  The square ones are used for making Wonton. Without reading the label, I placed the round dumpling wrappers in my shopping basket.  I was […]

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