Murphy’s Law, or was it just…..?

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Friends, Short Story

We all know the maxim behind Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Call me superstitious, but things may not have turned out the way it did if we had only done the same thing we used to do.

So, why the change all of a sudden?

Here’s what happened at lunch on Wednesday this week!

It’s not so often that we see 4 girls from Kuching lunching out in a restaurant in Belgium together! So something worth hinting at, eh?

By the way, we dubbed ourselves the “Kuching Charbors” or better still, the Cats in Flanders! How about that, girls? 😀

Now, who amongst the four girls was the culprit (or the jinx?) in this story? 

Let’s see….

* Flashback*

A started the ball rolling with the idea of meeting for lunch on Wednesday, 22 Sept. Good for A as she had a day off that day and was heading straight for U2’s 360° tour live concert at the Koning Boudewijn’s Stadium in Brussels. Some girls have all the luck, eh 😉 ! I’m sure you had a BEAUTIFUL DAY with Bono….*sigh*

C, X and I went for the lunch idea, of course.  We all knew it was a working day, but, hey, we are all entitled for an hour’s lunch break, give and take 15 or 30 minutes (including driving from origin to destination and back)

Instead of having something Asian, like we used to do at our other lunch dates, we went Western, or rather, European.

X suggested T Cuyperke for a change. Cool.  I’ve been there before and I liked it.  So, why not?

Holy s**t, a day before our rendezvous, ‘t Cuyperke was closed for the week.  I’m sure they are fans of U2!!!!!

Then someone had to suggest another restaurant, and I suggested Nostalgem in Zaventem. Of course everyone went with the flow 😉

So Nostalgem it was!

A was already there, sitting at a table for four on the terrace, when I arrived and X came a few minutes later. The 4th Kuching Charbor, C, could not make it at the eleventh hour, as she was drowned in her workload with deadlines.  So was I, but I just had to get away from my work desk 😉

And then there were three…

We decided on a quick lunch, as we had to get back to the grind.

A and I had the ‘zakenlunch menu’ (business lunch menu) of fried calamari (starter) and paella (main), while X skipped anything fishy! Her trusted nose dived for two (yes, TWO) starters of beef carpaccio and cheese croquettes. I remembered the look on the waitress’ face when she brought both the starters to X.  ‘Tham chiak kui’. LOL!

Here’s what A and I had for our main dish. A rather sloppy-looking paella. A called it, “bubur Spanyol”.  I guess that’s what it was: Spanish porridge!

Picture taken by A on her blackberry 😀

I thought the non-fishy looking starters looked deeelish!

Picture taken by A on her blackberry (again!)

Twelve Forty-Nine PM.

CRRRAAASHHH!  It was LOUD and dust and debris were flying around. Luckily they did not end up in my ‘porridge’.

We understood from one of the waiters that a car just hit the wall!  It was no ordinary wall.  The wall forms part of the super narrow drive-in into the private parking area of the restaurant.

That’s right. The only way in is the ONLY way out.  Entrance equals Exit.  This equation becomes more abstract to apply when all the restaurant’s clients’ cars were trapped in the private parking area. Yeah, brilliant! Duh!

One Fourteen PM.

We were done with our lunch, paid our bills, BUT….. how could we get out?!!!

Yes, tell me…

Some smart *** driving an Opel Insignia (Break) just blocked the entire Exit-Entrance!

The offices where X and I work are NOT just a stone’s throw from the restaurant, so yes, we were getting a little edgy. 

We were told that a towing service was called to step in to tow the Opel Insignia away any moment then. Indeed one came and left almost immediately.  I believe it was the wrong tow truck, size-wise, at least!

The clock ticked.

One Thirty-Seven PM.

Still no sign of the tow truck. Again, we were told that one would come in half an hour’s time!

The tow truck finally arrived at around 2 pm. It was a flatbed tow truck, by the way.

OMG, you should have seen the mangled tyres of the Opel. Not only did the right front tyre explode while hitting the wall, but the left back tyre was completely kaput with the cable towing the stucked Opel from the scene of the self-inflicted calamity. 

Did Murphy’s Law (also) apply to the couple with their newborn baby who were on their way to Nostalgem and before they could even enter the restaurant to enjoy a satiable lunch, and then the most unforgettable Crash! Boom! Bang! happened?

Yes, I heard that….. Luckily it wasn’t me!

So, all’s well that ends well, you said.  Hmmmm…. Not really!

I got back to the office at 14:26 or Two Twenty-Six PM. An impromptu two and half hours lunch.  Luckily I had a story and some pictures to pull myself together  😀

But my story did not end there.  I was in for a rude shock when I left the office that evening. Some retarded senile left a scatch on my Yaris Chill-Out.  Oh yes, I’m totally infuriated.  If you have read my post Back to Life, Back to Reality! you will know what I am fuming about!! And worst of all, I parked my car in the basement of my office building.  It could have been anyone I just met on the corridor yesterday, today, tomorrow!

By the way, Wednesday, 22nd September was NOT my day! Was I the jinx? Was A the jinx? Was X the jinx, or C? Girls, any idea?

One thing’s for sure, we should not have changed our usual thought and intention.  We changed because we wanted something different.

A journey with a twisted end!

Have a great weekend (I hope)!  C ya soon..


  1. Nasifriet says:

    Yeah, what a day 😦

  2. X says:

    Not me 😉 We had fun but not at that moment with the stress!

  3. Nasifriet says:

    Yeah, we had fun, but I’m still furious with what happened to my car! Did yours get out of the garage alright that day?

  4. X says:

    Lucky me, no problem! I hope the scratch is not too bad.

  5. A Jinx says:

    Me, me!!! I’m the Jinx! Cos my car also kenak scratched by some unknown idiot two weeks ago :S

    And yes, the U2 concert opened with “Beautiful Day!” I cried like a baby, love Bono so much!!!!!!!! Ü

  6. Nasifriet says:

    I have a black yaris, so a white scratch can be, er… quite visible.. 😦

  7. Nasifriet says:

    You meant your new Honda Jazz? Ahhh…so u were the jinx! But then I’m wondering why someone can be so excited to be the jinx. LOL!

    I’m sure u had a “Beautiful Day” With or Without ‘Us’ 😀

  8. dada says:

    iv a feeling i knw who u all are. Hehehe…

    Che, so sorry to hear abt ur yaris. Harap org ya pun keta belubang arah bonet nya. Hahaha..

    Good thing that the accidnt was not urs.

  9. Nasifriet says:

    Yeah, I’m sure u knw all my frens, da 😉
    I’ll do the car wax coverup like u suggested… we’ll see.

  10. dada says:

    che, remember to wax on, leave it for half an hr to an hr thn wax off ur car. 🙂

  11. Nasifriet says:

    okey dokey, will get the wax this wkend 😀

    cheers xxx

  12. A Jinx says:

    He sang that one as one of the last songs! Kept me in suspense, waiting with baited breath!

    I shud try that wax on, wax off for my little Réné (did I mention Honda Jazz has a name?)

    Nice to meet u Dada! 😉

  13. Nasifriet says:

    Please to meet you, René 🙂 Mine is called “Kofi” as in Kofi Annan. BTW, Kofi means “born on a Friday” and I was born on a Friday!! 😉 😀

  14. Sandy says:

    Oh, so sorry to hear about your car. I hope the scratch was not too bad.

  15. Nasifriet says:

    Unfortunately, the scratch(es) are quite visible 😦
    Someone must have reversed the car (blindly) and left those marks on my car! The worst thing is, it happened in my office bldg parking basement, and I haven’t the clue who the culprit was! When I came down for my car, there were no cars near mine then, so I guess, someone must have left in a hurry!!

  16. A Jinx says:

    Hmm, learnt from my Ghanaian friends that Kofi is a boy born on Friday. As a girl, you’re an Afua 😉 They call me Yaa (Thursday born). If Kuchingites practised this, we’d be “Pai Gor/Pai Sii”!!!

  17. Nasifriet says:

    You’re right, A Jinx. I learnt that from my Ghanaian colleague as well. But I prefer the male version of the Friday child 😀 ! Sounds “stronger” and more reassuring…

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