Our Veranda Project: This Is It! (Final)

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Around the House
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You know what? I am just as excited as you are about the outcome of our veranda project.  If you have been following my posts here and here, you could probably decipher my state of euphoria 😉

By the way, a “veranda” in Belgium is equivalent to a “conservatory” in the UK. I was tempted to use the word conservatory when I started writing about this subject, but I thought “conservatory” is a rather posh cum ancient word and very cluedo-like 😀

Hence, exit conservatory and enter veranda.

Rehashing the plot

In Part 1 of my post, I wrote about our gruesome find. We could have postponed our veranda project, but we did not and went through thick and thin as you may recall in Part 2 of my post.

If you thought there was only one contractor doing the job from inception to completion? Wrong! The construction process was performed by subcontractors, with an “s”. We had to go through 5 different independent crews! Let’s just say, it was an illuminating hurdle 😀


The site preparation and planning included clearance and excavation of the flowerbed, which took 2 days. This was the process we managed ourselves 😉

The foundation or groundwork took 4 days, including the installation of the underground water pipe.

The construction of the frame and roof works and the installation of the glass panels took another 3 days, which also included half a day’s rough electrical and insulation works

The installation of the timber panels took another day, including half a day’s work of final lights installation.

The flooring and cementing took 1 day, or to be precise, 5 hours. I had some days off work that week and took some  pictures of the crew in action.

It was the concrete setting time countdown that seemed to pass us by at snail speed.  The clock ticked quite slowly, extremely slowly…. Zzzzzzzz…..

….then 7 days later, the floor tiling task commenced.

Unveiling the curtain

This is IT!

Our veranda, our home extension, a private retreat, a garden paradise  😉 

Summer!  Here we come!!


  1. X says:

    Looks great! BBQ on the way? ;)))

  2. Nasifriet says:

    I know 😀 Thanks!
    Gotta be in the summer, my friend

  3. Chris says:

    Looks gorgeous!!! Love the end result! In the states, the veranda would be equivalent to a sunroom. 😀 How big is it overall? Why did you guys install underground water pipes…did you put a faucet in somewhere? I bet you guys are relieved everything is done. Now, you just have to furnish it and enjoy. So happy for you. 😀

  4. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks! Me too, love the end result 😀 And yes, what a BIG relief the biggest hurdle is over. Next step is to put in the furniture and what nots. It’s not that big (4m x 5m), but a good size where we can enjoy the sun and the garden in the summer ;-).

    Nope, there’s no faucet anywhere in the veranda. The underground water pipes are needed as part and parcel of the guttering system that makes up the rainwater disposal on the outside of the veranda 😉

    I’m looking forward to summer already 😀

  5. Nasifriet says:

    Ah… sunroom. I’ve heard of that as well. It’s a very literal translation, isn’t it? The room where the sun gets in. LOL! In France they called this “orangerie”. But it sounds like a greenhouse to me. Hahahaha..

  6. X says:

    Couldn’t wait for the summer with the kind of weather we are having!

  7. Nasifriet says:

    Patience, my friend 😀
    Time flies so fast, and before you know it, it’s time. LOL!
    Will let you know…

  8. melharry says:

    Hi che,
    Kacak eh….can’t wait to go to belgium. Hahaha…cluedo..consevatory, col.mustard with the piping iron. Love playing tht game with u.
    Mom confirm going canada thus summer. Anyway..congrats on ur new varanda. Mun di sitok varanda ya kei jemur kain. Hahahaha…



  9. Yes, yes, I couldn’t agree more – Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory….. with the candlestick! 😀 Oh, I am so jealous, I cannot tell you! Your veranda is gorgeous, and how perfect to photograph your dishes, with all that lovely light streaming in 🙂 Just sitting there with drink in hand and feet propped up is bound to flood you with inspiration *sigh* Btw – 4 by 5 m? That’s the size of my bedroom, the largest one in our apartment 😦

  10. Maria says:

    Love it Dora…especially the view of the outside from within ! Next project … upgrading your garden ?????

  11. Nasifriet says:

    LOL! Tua Che also said the same thing… “phak sa” Ha ha ha… Our neighbours will shake their heads if they see the “flags” hanging in our veranda. LOL!
    Ya, that’s why I had to scrap the idea of a real life Cluedo. Next time you come over, remind me abt this board game. We’ll play it in the conservatory, er …. I mean, veranda. 😀

    Good for mumsie. Thought it was supposed to be May, no? Aunty G accompanying?

  12. Nasifriet says:

    Ha ha ha! Just told my younger sis the reason I had to scrap the idea of using the word “conservatory”. Real life Cluedo? Erm… nah! But I love that game. Col Mustard, Rev Green, Miss Scarlett, Mrs Peacock, the revolver, candlestick, dagger, lead pipe, etc… and of course, the CONSERVATORY. LOL!
    BTW, the veranda is still empty. No furniture yet. LOL! You’re funny, Denise 🙂 Definitely the idea of your tantalizing pandan and lime beverage will be something to slurp this summer in our new veranda – that’s for sure 😉

  13. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks, Maria
    You’re right, I love the view taken from within extending to the garden. But poor me, I only have a little IXUS 😦
    Upgrading the garden? Slowly but surely, my dear. That’ll be an ongoing project anyway. Just saw one tulip in the garden, but plenty of Forget-me-nots. Our magnolias bloomed and un-bloomed. Next the roses, sweet williams…
    Hey, my friend, YOU are the one with the green fingers 😀 Should learn a trick or two from you..

  14. rotinrice says:

    I remember the game as Cluedo but it is known as Clue over here in the US. Fun game! 😀

    That’s a lovely verandah and a good size too. You must be so relieved it is all done. Decorating it is the fun part. We replace our deck with a sunroom two years back. It is a little smaller than your verandah and it is on the upper level. Nice to sit in there when it is snowing. Feels like a snow globe. Of course it is good in the summer too 🙂

  15. Nasifriet says:

    Yes, I’ve heard it’s called Clue in the States. It’s amazing how words are used differently when we meant the same thing 😀 Bet the names of suspects, weapons and rooms are also called differently? Spanner in the UK is wrench in the States, right? Yeah, it’s fun game…

    You’re absolutely right, Biren. What a relief with all these construction works/ messes behind us. Still have to clean the veranda, though, and put in the furniture, decors, and what nots… The weather has not been very good recently, so we gave up cleaning, hence, have to put on hold the decoration bit as well. Still need to put the tiles around the veranda (on the outside). Another project, albeit a small one 😉

  16. rotinrice says:

    I have always enjoyed the game. Yes, the spanner is known as the wrench here. The other game that I used to love was Monopoly. I still like the British version with Piccadilly and Bond Street. Have not played that in ages. Life is too busy these days.

    Hope the weather is better now over at your place. It has been pretty rainy here. It rained cats and dogs last night and it is still raining now. So messy outside with tree seeds and leaves everywhere…sigh!

  17. It looks so beautiful! Such a great place with so much light. A gardener’s and photographer’s dream.

  18. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks, Nate.
    Sorry for the late reply as have been so busy at work lately. Have been “neglecting” my blog for quite a while..

    Re the veranda, still have some work to do (new coat of paint for the interior) and we still need to find someone to put the tiles back surrounding the veranda, and then the furniture…

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