Belgium calling Malaysia and Canada. Hello…?

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Belgium, Family, Feel-Good, Nostalgia, Personal, Short Story
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Converging the Three Corners of the World

My mum and her sister (my aunt) are currently visiting my brother and his family in Canada.  Edmonton, to be precise.  My brother has been keeping the Golden Girls pretty busy with a string of back-to-back summer activities in and around the province of Alberta.  The weekend list is endless.  Well done, bro!

Perhaps the most remarkable incident happened on day one of my mum’s and aunt’s maiden trip to Edmonton.  Their aunt (my grandaunt), whom they have not met for the past quarter of a century was waiting in line at the airport to meet her nieces! It was an emotional reunion. Without a doubt! :’-)

By the way, my grandaunt (the youngest sister of my late maternal grandmother), lives just less than 10 minutes drive from where my brother lives.  How cool can that be?

Mum and aunt on the swing. 

Mum and aunt enjoying their BBQ. 

Mum and aunt picking berries.

Mum and aunt shopping at Costco.

Mum and aunt at Drumheller’s Passion Play and posing with “Jesus Christ” and “Pontius Pilate”….

Yup, the list goes on…

While we are happy to see happy smiley’s on static images, I thought a 3D image complete with audio and video would strike a vivid impression.

What better way to go live in real time with my siblings as guinea pigs – from the 3 corners of the globe – last Sunday!

Kuching and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) are 6 hours ahead of Leuven (Belgium) – summer time – and a whopping 14 hours ahead of Edmonton (Canada)!

To get my siblings online at real time on the same day is one thing, but picking the sanest hour is another. To be fair to all, we set the hour as follows –

08:00 local time Edmonton

16:00 local time Leuven

22:00 local time Kuching and Kuala Lumpur

Okey-dokey…let’s Skype!

And we did!

Not quite the full Monty

Out of a total of 23 family members (comprising the matriarch, her 6 brood, their spouses and her grandchildren), only 15 went on air last weekend, passing the score of circa 65% for participation.  Not bad for a start. I don’t think we can ever make the 100% mark so soon, with the absences of my niece and nephew studying abroad and in a different continent at that! 😦 

Frozen in time

The following video snapshots will be cherished for a lifetime.  If only memory has a scent!

The participants representing Leuven, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur and Edmonton.  What a pity! Sibu was missing… Next time, bro G.

Howdy! Hang Loose “Shaka” sign! Thumbs up! Smiley’s!

Mumsie and bro J.  Cool, mum! LOL!

The Two Mouseketeers (not The Mickey Mouse Club, but because my nephews were born on the same day and the same month in the year of the rat!). 

The full Monty of Edmonton

Thanks to cybernetics and space, our world has become much smaller. 😀

By the way, Malaysia, sorry for holding you guys up until the wee hours of the morning.  We were carried away with jubilation for three and a half hours! (^-^)

The first and definitely, not the last….

C ya’ll soon!


Now off to the Isles of Wonder, the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games 😀

  1. X says:

    Wow! A wonderful online reunion!

  2. Nasifriet says:

    It was 😀 My other brother was the only sibling MIA that day. Gotta fix another conference call… soon! LOL!

  3. melharry says:

    Love your post che. Perhaps we can start talking abt that reunion i mentioned during our skype session.


  4. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks Da 😀
    Yup, let’s make it happen re the “real” reunion. Can’t wait…

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  6. […] Belgium calling Malaysia and Canada. Hello…? […]

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