Witches’ Brew, but who’s the Witch?

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Family, Feel-Good, Personal, Riddle, Short Story, Soup
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The school summer holiday is three-quarter way through. A month and a half have passed by in the blink of an eye.

So far, my 5th grade son had kept himself busy with the summer sports class at the nearby University Sports Centre.  He enjoyed a whole range of diversified activities – swimming, table tennis, tennis, football, handball, volleyball and free dancing (yes, really!).  But that’s only for two weeks! Then we were away for a week and a half to our (almost) annual ‘retreat’ to the South of France. Now it was back to the doldrums for him, but… hey… not quite, because I ordered the holiday exercise books – “Moving on to the 6th Grade + 3, 2, 1 ….GO!” (‘Vakantieoefenboek – Naar het 6e leerjaar + Trois, deux, un….PARTEZ!”) – prior to the start of the school summer break.  How he hated me for that! LOL!

Mam Upsilon, you’re a witch” said my boy jokingly. 

Aha!  Let’s see who’s the real witch here, my boy?

The Witch Hunt

One of the holiday exercise books really caught my eye – a math exercise book.  Hmmm….some of the names looked familiar 😀

The exercise book is in the Dutch language, and here’s the translation for those who want to join me in the Witch Hunt 😉

Translated version: –

In the Middle Ages, if someone was accused of witchcraft, she would sometimes be subjected to a weighing test.  The one who weighed more than 50 kg was lucky because she could not be a witch.  She would, indeed, be too heavy to fly around on a broom! Do you know which of these three was NOT a real witch?  Now do the math…”

Boy, am I glad I’m not a witch. I would definitely fall flat on the ground even before taking off on the broomstick. LOL!

So was it Esmeralda?

Or Imelda?

Or Gonda?

While you’re busy calculating, here’s what the real witch made to double the fun!

Witches’ Brew

You need the following ingredients to make a powerhouse of a concoction!

Preserved pig’s flesh
Tears of a Maharani
Broken bulbs
Orange candle wax
Rooster and its testicles
Blood clots
Dried starfish
Needles and pins
Witches’ herb
Cats’ ears
Thumb tacks
Sticky blood
Double leaf
Rain water


Oh by the way, have you nailed down the hag? It could be one, two or all three of them.

So was it Esmeralda? Or Imelda? Or Gonda? Or…?

Meanwhile, in another kitchen, the good witch made the most lekker  broth with the following ingredients –

Potatoes and chicken meat balls
Star Anise
Birds’ eye chilies
Coriander leaves
Orecchiette pasta
Tomato paste
Kaffir lime leaves

Did I not say it was YUMMY? Mmmmmm…..The good witch did a great job and the 5th grader was on cloud nine!

Are you seeing double?

Only the crafty witch will figure this out!!

“Have fun cracking”, cackled the witches in unison…


  1. X says:

    U r back? Great one?
    Well, he’s only going to the 5th and you bought him a book for the 6th grade… I wonder how mine will react 🙂

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Yep, just back, but only back to work next week. YIKES!
    This is 5th grade for kiddos (K not N) 😀
    N is completely engulfed in his PS3 😦

  3. gerard says:

    I’m not goin for the calculators. My guess is Imelda (Dada) as she is very heavy and probably wouldn’t even make to Harry Potter’s special broom. he..he… Just kidding Da!

  4. Nasifriet says:

    ROTFL!!! Ha ha ha!! Very funny, bro!
    Da, what have you got to say??

    Get the calculator liaw…

  5. Chris says:

    I have to admit – I so wanted to use my calculator…but I refrained. 😀 From my mental calculation, it’s the first and third…hopefully. Just in case I got it wrong, in my defense, it has been a loooong day. ;D The soup does look yummy!

  6. Jacinta says:

    Oh dear! my brain is in a relax mode. So I agree with Gerard! LOL

  7. Nasifriet says:

    Yay! The soup was indeed yummy 😛

    I’m glad my comment went through on your blog (re your fratured left wrist), albeit several attempts. I tried leaving my comment 5 tries on your honeydew-lime sorbet, but nothing came up. I thought it’s just me… glad to read you back!

  8. Nasifriet says:

    LOL! The easy way out, eh? 😀

    Good to read you, Cinta! How are things at your end?

  9. Cinta says:

    I’m doing fine in Sweden, thanks. Hope to meet you one day!

  10. Nasifriet says:

    Great to know that, cuz
    Look me up if you’re in the neighbour 😀

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