Oh! You slimy creatures! Be gone!

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Around the House, Informative, Short Story
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For days we have been getting almost unreadable letters, tabloids and newspapers. For days we have been blaming each other for being rather careless while fetching the papers from the letterbox. It could be me blaming my other half and vice versa or us both blaming our boys

See what I mean? Who wouldn’t be furious, right? Holes, holes and more holes everywhere!!

1a. Snails_hole11b. Snails_hole2

1c. Snails_hole31d. Snails_hole4

Yep, THAT bad!

I thought we looked silly putting the blame on each other; hence, the best solution was to nail the culprit on the spot, should we ever find out whomever…


Ah! Gotcha!

Caught in the act and about time, too! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Gotcha !!!

Gotcha !!!

What's so scrumptious about the newspaper?  I wonder....

What’s so scrumptious about the newspaper? I wonder….

Sweet Revenge

All of a sudden – with the aftermath of wet spells and showers – those slimy creatures were slithering all over our garden.

3a. Snails_crawl13b. Snails_crawl2

3c. Snails_crawl33d. Snails_crawl4

3e. Snails_crawl53f. Snails_crawl6

Then one day, I asked my three guys if they fancied having snails for Sunday lunch. I must say, we could collect like a bucketful of those molluscs – from all slimy walks of life! Ha ha ha! Well, snails – not sure about slugs, though – are a delicacy in French kitchen, so why ever not, eh?

Baked Escargots in Garlic Parsley Butter...anyone????

Baked Escargots in Garlic Parsley Butter…anyone????

Did I cook those? At hindsight, maybe I wish I did! 😉


The crux of our problem was the letterbox. We found our slimy visitors slithering the interior walls of our letterbox. Yucks!

5a. Snails_slimy visitor_letterbox15b. Snails_slimy visitor_letterbox2

Sorry for the skewed and badly taken pictures of the interior of our letterbox. I had to take those snapshots at lightning speed to avoid our beady-eyed neighbours. They must have thought I was nuts. ROTL!


There’s a book that we often refer to for DIY ideas and tips. The book is called “De Gouden Raad van Tante Kaat” (The Golden Advice from Aunt Kate). My MIL had a few of her books and she swore to the golden tips from Aunt Kate. We could not resist buying one of her books.

After flipping through a few pages, we came to this tip – Orange peel!

Oh by the way, I must say I enjoyed having freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning! I think I must have collected quite enough orange peels to fill a polystyrene bucket

6a.Snails_Orange peel

I must admit the “Orange Peel” trick worked like a charm. No more rugged edged newspapers. No more holes, BUT….

….ALAS…. only for a few days, when composting took its toll and our slimy ‘friends’ returned.

The composted orange peels no longer became repellant agent but were attracting them. YIKES!

Our slimy "visitors" came back !!

Our slimy “visitors” came back !!

Conclusion: The orange peels DID work, albeit temporarily, hence was only a quick fix.

Root Cause and Resolution

We had to stop the start and that was the “entrance” of our letterbox. The slot was too inviting – free entrance and exit. No way, Jose!

Open slot.  Too inviting...

Open slot. Too inviting…

The only way to curb and ward off these slimy creatures from slithering their way into our letterbox was to bar the slot with a flap hinge.

Like so…

9.Snails_covered letterbox

We may not have the most elegant looking letterbox in our neighbourbood – but who cares – it worked like a dream!

It has been more than a month now, even after the cold and wet spells – at least –  we have not been reading ‘second hand’ newspapers.


10. Snails_endnote

A blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. jeanne says:

    We’ve had problems with snails too because of the wet weather. I cringe when I accidently walk on one and crush it *splat!..yucks..cringe*. I kinda feel sorry for it but I shudder anyway. We have a little potager/vegetable garden and one tip to avoid snails eating our salades is placing a little bowl with some beer in it. The snails would be attracted to it, go into the bowl, get tipsy or drown. I will definitely try your orange peel tip. We don’t like eating snails in my household so there was no question of collecting them for a meal. A blessed Sunday to you and fellow readres too 🙂

  2. melharry says:

    So did you actually cook those snails. I remembered i had them before with you di sinei aku sik ingat..slimy no doubt but i remembered they cooked with lots of garlic. Not bad actually…it was a rainy that day. Have you seen Epic the animated movie..not bad. cause ada pasal dua siput babi dlm citer ya. you taok sik knak siput babi ya lambat…cos bila nya berjalan nya mala jak mikir..aku siput kah aku babi..confused nya. Hahahaha…..

  3. Nasifriet says:

    I know what you meant, Jeanne. I have accidentally stepped on a few on our driveway. It’s like crushing crispy chips 😀 Urghh… Ha ha ha

    Oh, thanks a lot for the beer tip. Haven’t heard of that one. Will have absolutely no problem with that tip; as you know beer is in abundance here in Belgium :-). BTW, the orange peel actually worked, but we forgot to change new peels before they got to the compost state:-D

  4. Nasifriet says:

    LOL! No, I didn’t cook those snails, but we can get these frozen or at the cold storage area in any local supermarkets here. They looked exactly like the ones we have in our gardens 🙂

    Ah..the escargots I got for you. It was in Ghent, when we met up with my Indon colleague, ingat sik? Yes, it was drizzling then. We visited the cathedral, I think even 2 with Mum. These escargots (siput) are very popular at fun fairs here in BE. I don’t think I hv the guts to cook a snail dish…not yet; Maybe when you come visit us next time 😉

  5. Nasifriet says:

    Re the Epic movie, no, have not seen it yet. Saw the advert. Cool! Since it’s crunch time for the boys (exams), will probably go on the weekend after Kevin’s exam. Sounds funny and cute what you said abt the siput. Must see then

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