Dirty Dozen Wholesome Omelette

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One Saturday morning, my friend, X, came to my house to pick up her four garden chairs I borrowed from her for our housewarming.  I was in the kitchen about to prepare lunch when our door bell rang at 11 am.

By the way, X also came to my house on my invitation for the purpose of sampling my chicken steamed buns (chicken pao’s) I made a week earlier (see post here).  I froze a few and re-steamed some for her to try out.  She enjoyed the pao’s and doggy bagged (tapau) 3 buns for her boys. While we were eating pao’s and chatting in my kitchen, she asked me what I was preparing for lunch.  I placed a filled carton of twelve eggs on the table.  These!  I told her I was going to make an omelette.

1. Wholesome omelette_12 eggs

I could see the frown on X’s face.  Huh?  A dozen eggs?  You got to be kidding, right?


A 12-egg omelette may sound rather mundane, and uninteresting or unhealthy, even. It’s like a highway to cardiac arrest if consumed by one person on a single serving; however, there’re 4 of us, hence, mathematically it’s a 3-egg omelette per person, which is about the right portion per consumption for a main meal.  Yeah, I’m consoling myself on this case to liberate my guilty conscience 😉

Well, X, my dear friend, here’s the result of my omelette, which I dubbed the “Dirty Dozen Wholesome Omelette”.  Good, eh?  😀

2. Wholesome omelette_baked

Jeroen to the rescue – Again!

As with my previous posts here, and here, this omelette recipe is from the Belgian chef, Jeroen Meus (adapted from his 4th book, Dagelijkse Kost, with some modifications).  Jeroen used bacon, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and fresh herbs to create that wholesome touch. You could make a vegetarian version by omitting the bacon. As Jeroen would say, “pimp up your omelette!” 

I added an extra ingredient, chicken sausages to sooth the tummies of my boys 😉

Ingredients (I tried my best to translate the recipe from Dutch to English…)

  • 10 eggs (I used my “dirty” dozen)
  • 200g smoked bacon slices (I used the ready cut smoked bacon pieces)
  • 4 chicken sausages, pre-fried and cut on the bias (this was not on the recipe)
  • 150g grated cheese (I used a mix of Feta and Emmentaler cheeses)
  • 150g button mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • Boiled potatoes (diced and left to cool down)
  • 1 large onion, chopped finely
  • ½ clove of garlic (I used 1 whole clove of garlic, minced with some coarse sea salt)
  • A few sprigs of fresh parsley
  • A few sprigs of fresh chervil
  • A knob of butter (I did not use butter)
  • A dash of olive oil
  • Freshly milled black pepper
  • Salt to taste

3a. Wholesome omelette_ingredients3b. Wholesome omelette_chervil + parsley

Method –

  • Assemble all the cut, sliced, chopped, minced and diced ingredients
  • Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan over a medium high heat and fry the bacon pieces (Note: I used olive oil in lieu of butter). Let them sizzle in the pan for a few minutes until slightly crisp.
  • Sauté the chopped onion with the bacon
  • Add the minced garlic, sliced mushrooms and the cut chicken sausages. Stir preferably with a wooden spoon.
  • Taste for seasoning, and bearing in mind that the smoked bacon is quite salty.
  • Rinse the fresh herbs, drain and chop them finely.
  • Add the chopped chervil and parsley to the sautéed mixture.
  • Remove the pan from the heat.
  • Preheat the oven to 180° C
  • Take a large bowl and break all the eggs. Whisk well.
  • Pour the beaten eggs in a greased oven dish (or round baking pan)
  • Assemble the diced (or cubed) cold, cooked potatoes in the beaten egg, making sure they are spaced evenly.
  • Assemble the sautéed ingredients of bacon, sausage, mushrooms and herbs evenly into the egg mixture
  • Sprinkle a generous helping of grated cheeses over the omelette
  • Bake the omelette for 30 minutes, until the centre is cooked through
  • Serve the omelette in wedges

Stir fried onion. garlic, bacon, chicken sausages, mushrooms, chervil and parsley

Stir fried onion. garlic, bacon, chicken sausages, mushrooms, chervil and parsley

1st Layer ->> Pour the  beaten eggs in a greased oven dish and assemble the cooked potatoes evenly

1st Layer ->> Pour the beaten eggs in a greased oven dish and assemble the cooked potatoes evenly

2nd Layer ->> Assemble the stir fried ingredients

2nd Layer ->> Assemble the stir fried ingredients

3rd Layer ->> Sprinkle your favourite cheese(s).  I used Feta and Emmentaler

3rd Layer ->> Sprinkle your favourite cheese(s). I used Feta and Emmentaler

A cross-section of the omelette

A cross-section of the omelette

Slice the omelette in wedges before serving

Slice the omelette in wedges before serving

My wholesome slice of omelette with some salads for a balanced diet ;-)

My wholesome slice of omelette with some salads for a balanced diet 😉

It was YUMMY... I had a piece the next day for lunch at work :-D

It was YUMMY… I had a piece the next day for lunch at work 😀

The omelette was not called “wholesome” for nothing.  I had that one slice with some salads, and that’s all my tummy could take.  It was really filling and wholesome.  The dirty dozen omelette lasted for at least 3 days!  Well, that’s the idea.  No further cooking for the next 2 days 😉

This dish is good for buffets and picnics and can be taken either cold or warm.

Oh by the way, X, what do you think of the omelette?  

I am submitting this post to the the following –

1. Little Thumbs up event with the August theme “EGGS”, hosted by Baby Sumo from Eat your heart out , organised by Doreen from my little favourite DIY and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids


2. Cook-Your-Books #3  organized by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours

Cook Your Books

And …

3. I’m thrilled to link up this super eggy recipe to the May 2015 theme for “savoury egg” dish hosted by  Dom of Belleau Kitchen‘s monthly blog hop challenge Simply Eggcellent #3 !


Enjoy the rest of the week!



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  1. Wow, I would not faint! I would join you for a delicious lunch if I’m your neighbour! Haha! I love all the ingredients in it. And my egg-loving kids would definitely love this as well. And I like the name of the dish, sounds so catchy and fun!
    Thanks for linking!

  2. Baby Sumo says:

    Hi Nasifriet, thanks again for linking this to LTU! That’s a really chunky looking omelette, with almost all the ingredients that I like. I usually have 3 egg omelette for myself too, so this would be just nice for me 🙂

  3. Nasifriet says:

    Ha ha ha! Thanks, Joyce. Eggs are full of goodness, but with a limit of course 🙂
    I love eggs, too, but I thought I’d make something different from our ordinary lunches, and of course, my boys loved them!

  4. Nasifriet says:

    Hi Baby Sumo, I’m having fun with this EGG-tion! Glad you hosted this theme. There are so many things we can do with eggs and yes, this was a chunky omelette. In Dutch, this omelette is called ” Dikke Omelet” , hence the chunky or big or fat omelette would literally translate the title of this dish 😀

  5. melharry says:

    Beautiful dish. Easy to make but the problem is kamek org sitok sik beroven…hahaha….i like the idea. Kakak u sometimes will make cheese omelette for breakfast on a non stick pan rather..and it is so filling…it can last till late lunch for me. 😉


  6. X says:

    It looks delicious , my friend! My only regret is not to be able to sample it 😦 BTW, I had made my first char siew…

  7. Nasifriet says:

    Yes, it’s an all-in-one dish, very easy to make, wholesome and enjoyed by kiddos and oldies 😀
    This is a thick omelette, and I’m afraid an oven is required…

    When you visit us next time, pls remind me abt this dish 😉

  8. Nasifriet says:

    Wah! Congrats, my friend! Will want to sample your char siew lah…
    As for the ” dikke omelet”, no worries, any time can do one 😀

  9. bentodays says:

    Looks yummy! Good enough for a meal in itself!

  10. Zoe says:

    Hi Nasifriet,

    I was wondering how X and you can finish this 12 eggs all within one meal. May be X is multiple of 10??? – LOL! After reading, I can fully understand your rationale of doing this. Cook 1 day, rest 2 days… Nice!


  11. Nasifriet says:

    Hi bentodays,

    Good to read you and welcome to my space. Yeah, it was an all-in-one-dish. Yummy AND definitely wholesome 😀

  12. Nasifriet says:

    Ha ha ha… X did not get to see the end result of this omelette. She left before I started, hence this post to show her how I pulled the 12-egg omelette together.

    And yes, you’re right. Cook 1 day, rest 2 or 3 days is my kitchen principle 😀

  13. belleaukitchen says:

    wow, that’s a super-beefed up omelette… perfect for a bunch of friends! i love how much stuff is in there and how many glorious eggs! Thanks so much for the brilliant entry to Simply Eggcellent!

  14. Nasifriet says:

    Ha ha… Yeah, this dish is great for potluck, picnics, you name it … With a bunch of friends!. When I saw the May theme you’re hosting “Eggs – savoury” via Karen of Lavender & Lovage, I just had to link up this post. Yup, Simply Eggcellent!

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