Rice Cooker Lemon Sponge Cake #RCC

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Cake, Dessert, Four Seasons Food, Rice Cooker Challenge, Sweet, The Spice Trail
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If One’s a wanderer, Two’s a company, Three’s a crowd, what’s Four?

Too many?

Not allowed?

A party?

Well, I think I would go for Fantastic … as in Fantastic Four?

Nope, it’s not what you think!

Let’s just say that I’m wandering into my 4th fantastically crowded company 😉 Does it make sense?

I meant I was into my 4th Rice Cooker Cake *wink*

That’s correct! I made my Fantastic fourth as a request by my younger son WEEKS ago but I was up to my ears in work and then I had guests over for lunch and then I fell and took a week MC from work and then I had a molar surgically removed! Whew! Loads of mishaps and calamities the past weeks *sigh*

If you have read my 3rd attempt in cooking cakes in a Rice Cooker, my son was asking if Rice Cooker Cakes would be part of our weekly menu. Can you imagine that? LOL!

After discovering a way to outsmart my traditional 19-year old single-button National Rice Cooker, my third attempt was the litmus test. By following that method, I was more confident to move on further and even started ‘coaching’ interested newcomers 😉


By not going out too much of the box yet, I stuck to the basic ingredients of a sponge cake which I made in my 3rd attempt. Instead of using the green pandan paste, I used one fresh lemon, called Eureka Lemon. Yes, Eureka!

1. Eureka Lemon_closed up1 

Eureka Lemon is available all-year round. This is the most common lemon type sold in supermarkets. Since I had 4 lemons in my basket that day, giving up one was definitely very easy. It was better to consume the fruit when still very fresh than leaving it to rot unconsumed, right?


Here’s the end result of the cake I made recently.

2. closed up3 

For the ingredients and method, you may want to refer to my previous post here.   Instead of adding 1½ teaspoons of pandan extract or paste, I used the zest or grated rind of one fresh Eureka Lemon plus 2 Tbsp of the lemon juice. I also added one small packet of 8 grams Dr.Oetker pure Bourbon vanilla sugar.

3. RCC Lemon Sponge_collage_lemon zest 

If you are wondering, no, the cake was not sour – on the contrary – it was less sweet, yes!

It was perfect as far my taste bud is concerned. We all loved the moist lemon sponge cake and my sons were fighting to get the last wedged pieces. LOL!

Here’s another snapshot of the amazingly tasty cake cooked in my humble rice cooker.

4. closed up4 

A wee bit longer …

I noted the start time was 6.30 pm. Five minutes later, the Rice Cooker automatically shifted to the “Keep Warm” mode. I left the Rice Cooker alone, without pressing “Cooking”.

At 6.45 pm, I pressed “Cooking”. Two minutes later, the button switched to warming mode which I left it that way for the next 10 minutes.

At 6.55 pm, I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the 3rd time. One minute later, the button switched back to “Keep Warm”.

At 7.00 pm, I opened the lid of the Rice Cooker. The cake batter was not quite set yet, hence I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the 4th time.

At 7.15 pm, the first smell of the lovely sweet lemony aroma of the cake whizzed past my nostrils. At this juncture, I took the wire rack and flipped the cake from bottom up to top down. I wanted a golden crust on both sides of the cake 🙂

I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the last time. At exactly 7.20 pm, I turned the cake the right side up on the wire rack to cool. DONE!

Conclusion: 10 minutes on “Cooking mode” with 5 presses, and 40 minutes on “Keep Warm” mode. Total time: 50 minutes

Oh by the way, this cake took a slightly longer time to cook than the Pandan Sponge Cake because the lemon sponge batter was wetter or more moist than the pandan sponge batter. The slightly longer wait was worth the wait. The cake had a lovely light, spongy texture. We loved it!

5. RCC Lemon Sponge_closed up3

6. RCC Lemon Sponge_Wedge2

Miss B, I finally got down to posting this recipe! It’s a wee bit late but still within timeline, hence, I’m submitting this post to your Rice Cooker Cake Challenge #2 – What Else Can a Rice Cooker Do?, hosted by yourself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well In Flanders.

With May slowly trailing to the tail end, I’m squeezing this post to “Wow, Vanilla” May’s Spice Trail, hosted by Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup and Bangers ‘n Mash. I have used Dr.Oetker’s pure BourbonVanilla Sugar as part of the recipe.


The Eureka Lemon is available all year round. Since Spring is one of the 4 seasons, I’m ‘springing’ in with this entry to Four Seasons Food May Challenge: Celebrating Spring hosted by Delicieux and Eat Your Veg



Have a great week ahead … and it’s back to the grind for me …. YIKES!


  1. Pebble Soup says:

    hey, thanks for this, love vanilla, love rice pudding even more. Perfect for the Spice Trail 😉

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Hi! I’ve also pm you the URL of this post, but I don’t think you got my email, ’cause the message bounced back.

    BTW, it’s Lemon Sponge Cake I “baked” in my Rice Cooker 😄

  3. You know what, I have included your previous post (on how to double-line the traditional rice cooker with aluminium foil and parchment paper) on my FAQ, I am sure you must have noticed a spike in visitors!

    Your son is so cute to request for weekly RCC! Too bad I didn’t get to see him last week. I think I briefly caught a glimpse of him last year but then I wasn’t sure if he is your older or younger son. This cake looks really soft and fluffy, and I bet it has a refreshing lemony taste. 🙂

  4. Nasifriet says:

    Yeah, I thought so, too…. Thanks! Anyway I have given you the green light to go ahead to include some important info on your FAQ, esp for those who owned a similar RC as I have.

    Oh btw, my hubby repaired the “broken” cord of my RC. It’s back in operation 😜. Yay !

    My sons were in school when you came last Friday. Last year you must have seen both of them. Then again you did not stay long and I was so busy in the kitchen. Ha ha … Glad we made it up last Friday👍

  5. Oh wow, your hubby is a handyman! When it comes to my hubby, first thing he will do is to bring it to container park! hahaha. But it’s still better to ask your sis to buy a new one and bring it over just in case. 🙂

  6. Nasifriet says:

    LOL on the container park… He would do just that for some things as well, however when I showed him the cord, he said, bring him a cutter and 2 types of screw drivers and he fixed it! Yeah, my hubby is pretty good with his hands. He’d even carved an entire chess board game when he was younger, a gift inherited from his late dad…

  7. Eat Your Veg says:

    I had no idea you could make cakes in a rice cooker, but this looks totally delicious. LOVE a lemon cake too! Thanks so much for linking up to May’s Four Seasons Food event.

  8. Nasifriet says:

    Yes, I was amazed when I first took the challenge. My first cake failed (burnt), but gradually I became more familiar with my “old” rice cooker, ie outsmarting her😉.. My cakes seemed to improve by the day…. Love it! You should give it a try..

  9. […] Nasifret: Rice Cooker Lemon Sponge Cake […]

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