Rice Cooker Kaya-Coffee-Nesquik Cake with a Twist to the Trademarked DDMT Steamed Horlicks Kaya Cake #RCC

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Asian, Cake, Dessert, Little Thumbs Up!, Malaysian, Rice Cooker Challenge, Sweet
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I could not believe I made this cake!

I could not believe I made this cake in my almost ‘down-and-out’19-year old single button National Rice Cooker!

Isn’t she a knockout?

1. RC Kaya-coffee-nesquik cake 

Dead and Alive

On 21st May, I informed Miss B of the ‘death’ of my ‘grand old lady’ and that my last Rice Cooker Cake was my RC Lemon Sponge Cake !

While I was cooking rice in my 8-cup National Rice Cooker, the power cord sparked and caught fire. I panicked and took a pair of rubber gloves and removed the European two-pin plug from the power socket. I thought there was a common short circuit and that our power supply was down, but no, every connection outlet looked perfect and normal, except the rice cooker’s power cord. There was a leakage on the insulated cord, that’s why.

Since I had washed rice in the Cooker, I had to remove the rice and ended up cooking the rice the ‘old way’ – on the stovetop. I have cooked rice that way during our holidays in the kitchen of some rented cottages without Rice Cookers, hence, it was nothing new for me. The rice turned out okay, but it could have saved me a lot of time using the Rice Cooker. Yep, we are so darn pampered by all these electrical gadgets!

I had to set aside my Rice Cooker and kinda considered it as dead and gone. After all, it’s a ‘grand old lady’ who had served my family well for the past 19 years…

Likewise, that week I had a bad fall on our ‘polished’ stone stairs leading to our cellar. In order to avoid falling on my back, I fell badly on my hip instead and actually heard a ‘burst’ sound. I panicked thinking I had torn one of my living internal organs…

The pain was not that bad on the day I fell, but it was a total nightmare for me the next few days getting out of bed or going in and out of the car. To cut a long story short, I was given MC for the rest of the week. I felt really hopeless and helpless, in that order.

To rub salt in the wound, I had one of my molars surgically removed. All these misfortunes befell upon me that same week. I wonder if there was a wicked fairy godmother who had cast a spell on me… Urgh…

I wanted to cook myself a nice porridge, but my Rice Cooker was dead!! My body was physically ‘dead’ as well *sigh*

Last Friday, a friend came by my house to cheer me up. She’s none other than Miss B.  She was not alone. Her 2 cute little princesses were tagging along.

And guess what? She also brought her Korean Cuckoo (Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker) with her where she steamed some rice for our lunch. I made fresh soymilk from my Joyoung SoyMilk Maker and indeed we were ‘frolicking’ in my garden enjoying the nice weather while running after her active older little girl. Ha ha ha..

Before they left, Miss B gave me a jar of her homemade Kaya. Wow! I was really pampered that day!

It was also a day to rejoice as hubs repaired my Rice Cooker that same day!

My ‘grand old lady’ actually RIP and was risen again. Hallelujah!

Of Horlicks and Kaya …

Just a week before my fall, Miss B e-Mailed me which went like this Do you like Horlicks? Do you like Kaya? Do you like Steamed Cakes? You can let your family back in Kuching give it a try

This was probably the most contagious statement!

I have seen so many Horlicks Cake flying around the web recently. And mind you, they are not just simple Horlicks Cake or cupcakes we are talking about here, but the truly Trademarked DDMT Steamed Horlicks Cake.

By the way, Miss B, passed me the much acclaimed DDMT Steamed Horlicks Kaya Cake recipe of a popular Singapore Radio DJ, Violet Fenying. I didn’t know then, but now I know…so I am passing the fever on to you folks:-D

Well, I love Horlicks as much as Milo or Ovomaltine. By the way, Ovomaltine is the original Swiss name and Ovaltine is a mis-spelled word in the English-speaking markets. In Belgium they called it Ovomaltine, the real McCoy way, while back in Malaysia or Singapore, Ovaltine is the alter ego.

As much as I love drinking a mug of warm Horlicks, I love a nice spread of Kaya on my toast. I definitely enjoyed Miss B’s homemade Kaya on my crackers…

BUT… I did NOT have Horlicks!! However, I had Miss B’s Kaya and I have the recipe. To put the puzzle together, I introduced Instant Coffee and Nesquik, hence the twist.

Oh by the way, DDMT means Die Die Must Try. This is a very popular Singlish phrase which means that one goes to great lengths to find great dishes, even if one has to die in the process 😀

Here’s how I made my DDMT Cake. Not steamed and without Horlicks. My cake was “baked” in my risen-to-life Rice Cooker with Miss B’s homemade Kaya.

The ingredients I used were adapted from Violet Fenying’s DDMT Steamed Horlicks Kaya Cake with my adjustments in blue font.

Ingredients A

Butter: 250g (room temperature)   I used Solo butter, which was a bit salted. Honestly, I have never used that much butter in a single cake recipe! Well must do justice to the title of the recipe… Die Die Must Try lor..

Brown Sugar: 100g (I used Candico Cassonade Brown Sugar)

Ingredients B

Whole Egg: 6 nos. (300g) I used medium-sized eggs

Ingredients C (Mix well)

Evaporated Milk: 100ml (I used fresh milk in lieu)

Condense Milk   : 100ml (I used 3 heaped Tbsp)

Horlick: 125g (I did not use, but replaced that with 2 heaped teaspoons each of Instant Coffee Gold Dessert and Nesquik powder)                  

Kaya    : 125g (I used what was left in the jar, hence 2 heaped Tbsp)

Ingredients D (sieved)

Plain Flour: 185g (I added about 2 Tbsp as I was using fresh milk which was more liquid than the creamy Evaporated Milk)                       

Baking Powder: 1 tsp    


1) Place Ingredients A in the mixer bowl, beat at medium speed till light and creamy

2) Add whole egg one at a time beating till fluffy after each addition

3) Add in Ingredients C at low speed till well combined

4) Add in Ingredients D till well incorporated

5) Pour batter into 8″ square mould with bottom pre-lined with baking paper (I skipped this, however, I double-lined my removable Rice Cooker bowl with aluminium foil and parchment paper. You may want to refer to my posts here and herefor guidance)

6) Cover top of mould with a piece of aluminum foil and place in the steamer, cover lid (I omitted this step)

7) Steam at high flame for 15 min, then lower to medium flame, continue to steam for another hour till cooked, remove from steamer (I pressed the button to “Cooking” mode and checked my start time, which was 7.10 pm)

8) When cake cooled down, slide a knife round the 4 edges between cake and mould, over turn to remove cake from mould, cut into pieces and serve

2. collage kek kaya

My Rice Cooker Method

It is always crucial to note your start time. My start time was 7.10 pm at “Cooking” mode. 5 minutes later, the button switched automatically to “Keep Warm” mode.

At 7.25 pm, I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the 2nd time. 2 minutes later, the button switched to “Keep Warm”

At 7.40 pm, I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the 3rd time and back to “Keep Warm” after 1 minute.

At 7.55 pm, I opened the lid of the Rice Cooker. The batter was still runny. I closed the lid and 5 minutes later, at 8.00 pm I opened the lid for the 2nd time. Uh-uh… still wet lah…

At 8.10 pm another peek, but the cake batter seemed to be bubbling away, hence was not quite set, although I could smell the lovely coconut-ty, coffee-ey aroma from my Rice Cooker.

At 8.20 pm, the top layer was still steaming away, but when I touched the cake, it was cooked! So don’t be deceived by the look of the cake. What I did at this stage was flipped the cake to brown the top to get a crustier cake top and bottom.

At 8.25 pm, I pressed the “Cooking” mode for the last time. 1 minute later, the button switched automatically to “Keep Warm” mode. I left the cake in the Rice Cooker for another 2 minutes before taking it out and cooled it on a cooling rack.

CONCLUSION: 10 minutes on “Cooking” mode with 5 presses, and 68 minutes on “Keep Warm” mode. Total time: 78 minutes or 1 hour 18 minutes

3. kek top and bottom 

And the next step?

Well, of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! My guinea pigs and priced critics are in the form of my older and younger sons. I did not tell them what went in the cake. My older son said he tasted coconut while my younger son tasted coffee. Double Thumbs UP, my boys! Both passed with flying colours.

The taste of Coconut was the result of Miss B’s Homemade Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam) and the Coffee came, well… from Coffee – Nescafé Gold Dessert to be precise. Unfortunately, Nesquik was not a prominent flavour in the cake. I added Nesquik powder to cut the overly bitterness taste of the Coffee, which was actually a brilliant idea *wink*

5. kek kaya crumb 

This cake reminded me of similar cakes I had eaten at open houses during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or Eid al-fitr) celebration. Although Malay cakes are almost always very sweet, my Rice Cooker Cake was not overly sweet.

And do not expect a chiffon-like cake, tall and springy that bounces back and forth with the press of your finger tip. This is a very dense, moist and heavy cake, which is also very addictive.

The following day, the visual and the taste of the cake reminded me of the inside of a Mooncake, especially the ones with the lotus seed paste filling. Mmmmm….. yummy!

7. wedge piece on plate


I’m submitting this post to Rice Cooker Cake Challenge #2 – What Else Can a Rice Cooker Do?, hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well In Flanders. What my humble and ‘old fashioned’ Rice Cooker can do is replicating recipes that are meant for ovens or steamers and still could make great eating cakes. I love the fact that my kitchen does not feel fiery hot from the heat of baking cakes in the oven, especially on a hot day!

Since milk is one of the essential ingredients in this recipe, I am linking up to the May 2014 LTU event with the selected item “MILK” hosted by Tze from Awayofmind Bakery House. Little Thumbs up (LTU) is organised by Doreen from my little favourite DIY and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. The May 2014 entries can be found on this post, which included the linkup of this write-up.

Little Thumbs Up


A Blessed Ascension Thursday and  a happy long weekend for those bridging Friday.  Unfortunately, not me 😦


  1. Miss B says:

    I could have left 1 bottle of horlicks at your place since I bought 3, I should have insisted! But I’m glad you tried this cake, hope your family in kuching can try this recipe too!

    Btw does the cake remind u of honeycomb cake in terms of texture?

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks for the thought. You need it more than I do! Stonemanor is just a stone’s throw away from my place (by car).

    Actually the texture is quite different from the Honeycomb cake I made. Honeycomb cakes are quite springy-chewy, while this DDMT kaya cake is very moist, buttery, dense. Actually the texture reminded me of Mooncakes!! LOL! My family knows I love mooncakes, so this cake will not go wrong. But it’s a heavy cake. I prefer your definition of “nutritious” ha ha ha…

  3. Zoe says:

    Yeah… I can tell how much Miss B like Horlicks and this recipe 😀 I must admit that I hesitate steaming or cooking this cake (via rice cooker) because of large amount of butter used. Hearing what you said, I’m fully convinced… but not with my disastrous rice cooker :p


  4. Nasifriet says:

    Like you, I was hesitating at first because of the amount of butter in the recipe. 250g is the entire block of butter! I have never made a single cake with such amount of butter, but hey, I did it. Die Die Must Try lor…ha ha ha..

    I was wondering how your rice cooker can be more disastrous than mine? I have one of the dinosaurs of Rice Cookers around! It’s my grand old dame and so reliable. I was surprised I could make such a rich cake in my poor and humble rice cooker. It’s just amazing😜

  5. Mui says:

    Hi nasfriet,
    I was here this morning, admiring your rice cooker Kaya Horlick cake. It is so moist and I can tell it must be delicious.

    I tried the DDMT Horlick cupcakes (recipe was given by ms B of course ;)) and it was fabulous.

    I did not leave a comment until now. I am now having a steamed midnight cake in my Mil’s very old rice cooker :p Finger cross.. Hope my midnight cake come out at least cook..hahaha

    Thanks to your rice cooker cook cake timing tips. I have more confident when the rice cook turn to keep warm mode in just 5 minutes. Hope it turn out well then I can share in my blog ;p.

  6. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks, Mui. Yes, this RC kaya cake was really moist, not too sweet and was so addictive. How to go on diet like that ?? Ha ha ha… That’s why Die Die Must Try… I’m so glad I tried this recipe and thanks to Miss B for passing the ‘fever’ on…

    WOW! Now I’m curious with your midnight result… Is pumpkin going to be the main ingredient?? Ha ha ha! Can’t wait for the cake and fingers crossed for the outcome 😜

  7. […] Rice Cooker Kaya-Coffee-Nesquik Cake with a Twist to the Trademarked DDMT Steamed Horlicks Kaya Cake […]

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