Banana is one of the most indispensable fruits in a child’s growing up diet. I remembered when I first started giving solid foods to my boys when they were 4-month old infants. Both boys were bowled over by the cool, soft and sweet taste of mashed bananas.  They loved it!


Well, not only infants or toddlers love the lusciously delicious and quite addictive fruit, you know 😀


The Large Dwarf


One bunch of bananas.  This collective noun is almost always included in my weekly shopping list, however, in Belgium we have only ONE choice. Quite sad, really. The Grand Nain bananas, aka the Chiquita bananas‘Grand Nain(e)‘ is French for Large Dwarf. I reckon the bananas are so-called due to the short stature of the trees while the bananas are quite large!


The banana when just ripe, has a lovely smooth yellow skin.   BUT it’s always not the case in my household! LOL!


Just before the end of the week, we start to see the peel browning. My boys will just close one eye and walk past the bananas on the hanger until the little brown pigments became bigger and bigger.  I knew someone in our household would thrash that in the bin at a certain point in time and before the poor blotched banana is dumped, I came to its rescue. I saved this one very, very ripe banana recently by sticking a self-explanatory message 😜



Gladly, the message was understood LOUD AND CLEAR  by my 3 guys 😄


Last weekend I transformed the once-upon-a-time ebony-skinned banana to a quick and yummy dessert.



First Dessert in Belgium


My late MIL was a very good cook and a great baker. She baked her own breads, cakes and made delicious desserts.  When I was first introduced to my MIL back in 1993, she was happy to know that her ‘future’ daughter-in-law was not a European 😊.   I remembered vividly the first 4-course lunch she prepared for us on a Sunday family reunion. The starter was a healthy grapefruit. The soup was pumpkin soup. The main course was pork chop with home-made gravy. The centrepiece was a whole cauliflower (cooked but retained the entirety) drizzled with white sauce and surrounded prettily by green peas and baby carrots.  And the dessert was her yummilicious rice pudding, which I cannot forget.


I’m not a dessert person, but my late MIL’s rice pudding was to die for.  I know I will not be able to replicate that beautiful consistency, texture and sweetness …. *sigh*


So I experimented and made my own version of rice pudding as a tribute to my late MIL but still a pudding that can be made by anyone, anywhere. It’s easy peasy. Takes only 5 minutes to assemble. No cooking necessary.


By the way, you need to have pre-cooked cold rice in this recipe. That’s the only “cooked” item, but must be made in advance.



(makes 3 dessert glasses)

  • 1 very ripe banana, mashed
  • 1 1/4 cups cooked rice (cold)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 2 Tbsps brown sugar (for me, 1 Tbsp is just right, but I had to think of my sweet-tooth boys)
  • Cinnamon powder


  • Some dried cranberries
  • Lemon zest
  • Cinnamon powder 

Direction –

Mash the banana and pour in the coconut milk. Stir to combine and then add in rice and brown sugar. Mix well. Add some cinnamon powder. Scoop in dessert bowls or glasses. Drizzle with some cinnamon powder, and garnish with some lemon zest and dried cranberries.


And there you go, my 5-minute Banana Rice Pudding ala Nasifriet 😄

For best result, refrigerate the banana rice pudding for at least 1 hour or more.


Verdict: It’s not a cooked rice pudding, hence the texture of the rice may not be what you would expect with cooked or baked rice pudding. There’s no cream, milk, eggs or butter in my 5-minute assembled banana rice pudding. The bottom line is, we loved it!  I loved the chewy texture of each bite of the rice. The level of sweetness was just right. The coconut milk was the best substitute for either milk or cream, which made the dessert vegan- friendly. We are not vegans, but we loved it.  I will definitely make it again. I’m just keeping an eye on the browning process of the bananas in my kitchen 😉

I’m linking this post to the Little Thumbs Up (March 2015 – BANANA) event organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids)and Mui Mui (my little favourite DIY) and hosted by Faeez of BitterSweetSpicy.



Tasty Tuesdays by HonestMum

Homemade Mondays week 123 hosted by Sarah of Frugal by Choice, Cheap by NecessityAubrey of Homegrown & Healthy and Kelly from The Sustainable Couple 

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a lovely transformation!!! From a very very very black ripe banana to something so yummy in just 5 mins… This is better than David Copperfield’s magic… LOL!

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Ha ha ha… It was definitely not an illusion. It was real😜

  3. petiteraisin says:

    A 5 minute dessert WITH bananas!? I’m sold – sounds delicious!

    Found you @ #TastyTuesdays


  4. Nasifriet says:

    😄. Thanks for “finding” me Marta. Do give it a try. I hope you will like it

  5. Honest Mum says:

    Oh wow, love this and it’s so healthy too! So creamy and adore addition of coconut milk too. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

  6. Nasifriet says:

    Yes, it was not only easy to assemble but it was so yummy as well 😊

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