TM5 Thermomix ~ To buy or not to buy? #thermomix

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Thermomix
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<< Flashback <<

… I have to remind myself that two Christmases ago, I received a Kenwood Major Premium set from hubby. A special gift I got tucked neatly under the Christmas tree. In the meantime, I have also bought a Soupmaker, a Multi-Cooker, a coffee grinder, a steamer and what-have-you? God knows why I am hoarding/stockpiling all these kitchen gadgets! Do I have space for another piece of item in my kitchen? Or will it be just another white elephant ?

Yup, I have a million and one questions in my head. First, I need to make a checklist and tick imaginary boxes … the pros and cons….

>> Fastforward >>

It has been more than a month ago since my half-day Thermomix demo experience! Now, how did I fare in my Checklist?  We shall see …

I don’t know why, but I always feel a HUMONGOUS  sense of guilt walking down our basement. I feel as if the still-in-the-box blender, juicer, multi-cooker, steamer, chopper, grinder are staring at me with fiery and raging ‘eyes’. They must be so … erm…feeling un-loved and probably, bored, too 😁

Let me out of here!

Ah… shut up! Well, at least you’re not directly gathering dusts.. Erm… only the boxes, ok? …LOL!

That’s how I have to console myself. I don’t blame hubby for insinuating me and being really critical with my kitchen investments! Walking through my kitchen is like …. Argghh!! Where am I going to place another bulky gadget? Darn the storage space! I could hardly find any space …

Of all the kitchen gadgets I own, the most used are my trusty 20-year old ‘Cook and Keep Warm’ National Rice Cooker, Philips Soupmaker, Braun hand-mixer, Joyoung Soymilk maker, Philips Coffee-Maker and the Kenwood stand mixer. But alas, my 2-year old Soupmaker is as good as dead now. R.I.P *sob*

Head vs Heart

My head and heart’re in constant loggerheads with one another. Infact, my head ruled, because I wanted to think through a list of questions ~ the facts, the logics, hence the longer-than-normal ‘pause’ period. Mind you, I was not going to blow my purse with yet another electronic gadget that’s equivalent to a peak season round trip airfare BRU-KCH-BRU! Yup, THAT expensive!

By the way, the Oompa Loompas in my head chattered away and told me what to do. Go search the net, check the YouTube. Read, digest and decide!

What did I learn? Was I impressed?

Well, the other couple were. Congratulations! They have actually made their decision on the spot after the TM demo on Saturday, 24th Oct, 2015! Good for them. And guess, who the TM Advisor was??!! Surprise no more! Many of my friends will recognise and know her. I call her Jane-of-all-trades!


By the way, F, it was a great demo! M and I ate to our hearts content ~ without a doubt… LOL!

A week later, F whatsApp’d me and told me the couple’s daughter wanted a demo and guess what ~ like her mum and dad ~ she placed an order for the TM5 immediately after the demo.

As for me, I was still reading and digesting, exactly what the Oompa Loompas in my head told me to do. My girlfriends who have read my previous post, here, said I left a cliffhanger in that post and they wanted to know if I had decided to buy the Thermomix.

Well, did I?

It was drizzling on a Wednesday, I had a day off that day. The door bell rang. A guy delivered a box to my home address.


Question….Will this box join the rest of the box-in gadgets in my basement and gathering dusts? Another pair of beady eyes? YIKES!!

Well, I just took the risk of blowing up my Year End bonus for that 😱

So, what’s up next ?





  1. gerard says:

    haha… another kitchen gadget Dora! One fine day you will need them, right? just say, yes! I am going to utilise them soon.

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks, bro. Thanks for the “push” cos I need that… We’ll see😁

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