Un-veiling my TM5 (#thermomix)

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Thermomix
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It was 17:07 on Tuesday, 24th Nov. My GSM rang.

A female voice from the other end of the line : Good evening, Madam. We received your order for the Thermomix last Thursday and I’m glad to inform you that your TM5 will be delivered to your preferred address tomorrow morning between 08:30 to 11:30. Will you be there to receive your package?

Me (heart thumping) : Yes, I will be around tomorrow. 

Lady : Great

Me : Thanks and see you tomorrow.

Lady : Til tomorrow. Bye..

Me : Bye

Wednesday, 25th Nov arrived. I had a day off. Incidentally, I had something else on my mind that day, as Wednesday’s a half school day for my younger son. I was craving for laksa, or specifically, Kuching Laksa

As the preparation of the laksa gravy and the condiments and garnishes took a huge proportion of my time, I spent most of my morning hours in the kitchen slogging away with the aromatically delectable and mouth-watering dish. My target was to get the laksa done before my younger son came home from school, at 12:20.

It was drizzling that Wednesday. While I was engrossed in the kitchen,  the door bell rang. A guy stood at the doorway with a package in his hands. It was not even 10 am when MY Thermie arrived! Perfect time estimation from the lady 👍

I told the guy to place the package in our hallway. 

I immediately whatsApp’d my TM Advisor, F, and told her my TM‘s arrived! She was the one who had arranged to submit my order. She was very excited for me. She said I was lucky to receive my TM at a decent hour. She received hers at the most ridiculous hour. Her door bell rang at 6.30 am!😳

By the way, I did not unbox my Thermomix immediately until in the evening. My sons were the excited lots, actually. The one object that caught their eyes was the recipe chip! Ah well… What do you expect? Boys and toys. Wait until they see the digital touchscreen… LOL!

Un-boxing… Finally!

Yup, I was curious. I just had to peek😜

The new TM5 came with a recipe chip, a cook book, a manual in several languages and a free gift for the month of Nov. It was the transport bag, although I had silently  hoped for a second  TM bowl. Wishful thinking …😬


Like most German products or inventions, the TM looks pretty uncomplicated, no-nonsense and  very straightforward.  That was my first impression. There’s the TM bowl (also works as a cooking pot and pan), the internal steaming basket (or multi-purpose use for steaming rice, potatoes, meat, vegetables as well as works as a sieve or strainer), the varoma dish and tray for steaming almost anything, a special designed spatula, a butterfly whisk and a measuring cup. That’s about all, and I was wondering if it was actually worth paying so much for so few accessories? Hmmmm…😏

Like my sons, I was drawn by the cool recipe chip. Every single recipe on the chip is found in the cookbook. The chip is essentially a digital cookbook with step-by-step onscreen instructions. How cool is that!

A permanent home

Before hubby got home that evening, I had to hurrily find a permanent home for my thermie. I had a spot in mind, next to the stove top. Perfect with the exhaust hood nearby.


But, Oh dearie me, the Varoma dish and tray could not fit on top of the TM bowl. Either the cupboard’s too low or the thermie’s too tall! Arghhh! What a shame!

Anyway, where you have decided to place your TM, that spot should ideally be the permanent home of your thermie. It’s madness having to move your thermie from one location to another. It’s not terribly light, for a start. Most importantly, the permanent spot should be in close proximity to a power socket with clean and dry surface or work area 24/7.

Hey that sounds like an area in my basement *wink*


Nah, that’s not my basement you see there, but another corner of my kitchen top, next to my oven. Phew! I managed to squeeze some space. It has been a long time since I have given a permanent home to another kitchen gadget😊

Now, what prompted me to place the order? 

In my previous posts, I mentioned my head ruled my heart. I dug the facts, read a few blogs, however, one particular email really hit the nail on the head ~ a reply from JL

JL is an Australian who’s married to a Malaysian. She used to host cooking shows back in Australia and she currently gives cooking lessons in Belgium.

Our email exchanges as following –

Nov 16, 2015, at 12:37

Hi JL,

How are you? I know it has been a while.. I hope you still remember me??

I was at F‘s during one of her English demo’s for TM5. I was quite impressed with the ‘machine’, but had to think a wee bit longer because (1) it’s not cheap and (2) shortage of storage space

I understood you bought the Thermomix without even attending a demo? What prompted you to press the “buy button” so confidently, may I ask? Ha ha…

By the way, have you been using TM5 constantly in your kitchen. I just hope that if I ordered TM5, it will not stand idle in my kitchen. I noticed TM5 is selling well in Australia.

16 November 2015 18:11


Nice to hear from you !

I heard about TM5 in Australia and when I saw one at F‘s house I ordered one immediately and have been using it almost daily! It has almost replaced my food processor and my KitchenAid and definitely my blenders for hard core Indian masalas!

If you can afford it, yes please buy it from F because she will be very supportive and will share all her expertise with you! You won’t regret it. If you like to cook and experiment!

Yesterday, I made a chestnut soup in it, rinsed it and made a cauliflower cheese, rinsed it and then used it to mix dough for rotis and lastly made a chocolate cakenothing to wash, no saucepans to clean! it does everything but bake! It chops, stirs, cooks and steams. So I do recommend it but on condition that you will use it and that you have a comfortable place in your kitchen where it will remain as a permanent fixture!

On the other hand, a friend in Australia bought one but because she does not like to cook has put it away and never uses it!

Your choice ..


Yup, choice made, and what now? Will I be using my thermie daily? 

Hint: I did use it, but lo and behold, calamities arose.  I could only wail!!! Arghhh…. Why me?!!!


If you’re wondering what happened to my thermie, stay tuned to my next post for the answers 😱

Stay warm!


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