TM Masterchef Class and she was not even aware about it *wink*😜 (#thermomix)

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Personal, Thermomix
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F is my TM Advisor. I attended a half-day TM demo at her house and a month after the demo, I owned a TM5. If you have just landed on this post, please read my previous posts on this subject. I did not make the decision to buy the TM on the spur of the moment. There’s a credo attached to it. Do not jump the gun! 

F owns the TM5 for 4 months now. She has cooked a million and one things with lots of ease and confidence in the smallest and smartest kitchen, while I’m still at a toddler’s stage id est being inquisitive…what if I changed a little bit here and a little bit there, what would the result be?

It’s definitely not always a success, if you have read my last post about my disastrous fried rice!

So last week, F forwarded me her flan caramel recipe. It looked extremely easy, with only 3 ingredients for the flan and another 3 ingredients for the caramel. I followed her scribbled recipe to a T. While F had already made her flan caramel a day before and had also made a video on the prep, I started making my flan with exactly the same ingredients and recipe.

BUT, how come F‘s flan turned out like this?


While mine ended up looking like a giant melting popsicle or a blob! OMG!!


What went wrong??!!

We exchanged notes and I told her I followed her recipe to the dot. Mind you, the recipe says to steam the flan caramel in 6 ramekin dishes for 20 minutes, however, my flan did not set at that timing at all. I added another 10 minutes, still they were not set. I told F about my runny flan, and she said I should not over-steam! But how? They were as runny as any runny nose toddler on this planet! Yikes! At that point, I guess F was a bit nervous for me. She sent me the step-by-step video she made about making the flan caramel, which she has not finished editing. I watched the video twice and told her the only difference I noticed was that she had covered every single ramekin with aluminium foil, while I only covered the Varoma tray layer with cling film. F said that was not the issue. Covering the ramekin with the foil prevents condensation falling back to the flan. Okay…. but they were still runny!! F did not have a clue either, hence, I followed my own judgement and adjusted the dial to another 10 minutes. Can you believe this? They were still not set, although I noticed one or two flans (by the way, I used 4 coffee cups and 2 small ramekins) turning yellower than the rest.


After steaming for 50 minutes, I gave up. I let the flans to cool down before refrigerating them and praying hard that all 6 flans would set nicely the following day.

By the way, out of the 6 flans, only one came out a winner!


Did the 5/6 failure deter me in making more flans? Nope! That was only the beginning. Infact I’m more challenged to make them right the next time

Great minds think alike

When F told me she was making Beef Rendang in her thermie on Saturday, I gulped! How could she read my mine??!! That was certainly a thermie MasterChef challenge of the Beef Rendang dish between us, only that F was not aware I was cooking my rendang that day! Yeah, great minds think alike 👍🏼

I was drooling at F‘s Beef Rendang.


F‘s rendang was redder than mine because she used only fresh chillies, while I used only dried chillies. My recipe is adapted from here to the TM way of cooking.

Here’s the result of my Beef Rendang cooked in 90 minutes / Varoma/ Reverse at the lowest possible speed



Marriage made in Heaven!

Without a doubt, the Beef Rendang goes very well with Nasi Lemak, so I just had to make Nasi Lemak! As simple as that…

My kitchen has never smelt so heavenly! Mmmmmm…..



F, thanks for posting the video of the sambal nasi lemak on Facebook and reminding me about it! It was just a sin not to make it! I did not follow the recipe 100% but adapted it to my own taste. 20 dried chillies? Too lame. I used perhaps 40 (I did not count, but you can see that in the collaged photo above) plus 4 fresh red chillies. It’s nice to be dragons for a change, blowing fiery breaths during this cold winter period. LOL!

Erm…sorry, F, if I’ve annoyed you with my silly questions, because I was only following JL‘s instruction… don’t forget to ask F for any help! She has the patience and knowledge of a guardian angel! 

I rest my case!

Happy Mid-Week everyone!










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