My Wish Pearl (found in an oyster) … What an original gift !

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Family, Feel-Good, Informative, Mystery, Personal
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Leapin’ Lizards! Have 4 years gone by already? It’s another year, but a special year because 2016 is a Leap Year!  Geez! Doesn’t time fly at a cracking pace?

Too swift, actually, like the Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean! Remember? She’s dubbed as the fastest ship in the Caribbean and the only ship that can outrun the Flying Dutchman?

4 years ago today, I was reminiscing about a “life coming out within me” – the birth of my younger son. He was born on 28th Feb. Yup, he turned 15 yesterday! Today, I’m sharing with you about another kind of life, cultured and nurtured for at least 3 years!

The Black Pearl

Speaking of the Black Pearl, have you seen the real one?

I have! It’s a REAL pearl ~ mind you ~ and not a ship!

Last September, I received a gift from my SIL for my wedding anniversary. Honestly speaking, it was one of the most original gifts I have received thus far.


As the box indicated, “Especially for you – A wish pearl jewelery set“, I was flabbergasted, in the  positive sense, of course. Imagine, I got the gift from my SIL and not hubs😳

The pearl came in a cool gift box with a canned oyster, a little blue tool for opening the oyster, a chain and a pendant.

The can had a ring opener, like most canned foods, only that, nothing was edible in the can. The liquid contained 25% alcohol.  Hmmm… the poor mollusk was drowned drunk, clutching the most beautiful natural freshwater pearl.

By the way, a little bit of work had to be done before the thrill of seeing the Jewel in the oyster! 



Cool, isn’t it?

Legend has it …

There are different legends about how the pearl was formed in the oyster, and the one I like goes like this …

(Adapted from the Love website, with modified texts)

A beautiful diamond was hidden in the Viya Mountains of a faraway ancient land called Nona. It was believed that anyone who found the diamond would possess immortal and enchanting love. However, the beautiful sparkling gem was cursed. Lovers who desired it, paid a heavy price. They were doomed.

One day, a youth ~ unaware of the curse ~ travelled miles and miles to find the diamond. Thinking the gem would bring him joy, the youth’s lover lay dying. The youth could not bear to live without his beloved, so he swallowed the diamond in the hope to die with his true love, however, the young man did not die. Instead, his pain grew until it became too excrutiating. He could not bear the pain any longer. Meanwhile, his lover miraculously recovered. The young girl wept from dawn until dusk, and hoping never to give up but always to be by her lover’s side.

Deeply moved by her purity and the sincerity of the good-hearted youth, the gods encouraged them in their tenacious struggle with evil. With the passing of time, the boy never awoke; the sad girl, clinging to her lover, jumped into the moonlit lake.

The love god Eros, moved by this pure love, and wishing them to be together, took a huge pearl mussel, and using it to protect the health of the lovers. Year after year, the pearl mussel nurtured them, cared for them, and loved and protected them as if they were her children; day after day, love finally conquered evil.

Years went by and a huge pearl mussel was picked up from the moonlit lake, and upon opening it was the resplendent pearl with the diamond, celebrating their togetherness in the heavens. This was the living testimony to the immortality of love, created by the alchemy of the star-crossed lovers.

On a different note, “some believed pearls to be the tears of the gods. Others thought them as dewdrops filled with moonlight that fell into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters”.

Scientifically speaking, by the way, A pearl is a natural gem created by a living organism. When a foreign object, such as a grain of sand gets stuck inside the body of a mussel or an oyster, the animal coats the irritant with a substance called nacre (calcium carbonate), the same material with which it makes it’s shell. Layers of nacre are built up, which hardened, to form a pearl.”


What Does the Pearl Color Signify?

Actually the colour of the pearl was a mystery. I was not aware what mine would be. Since it was a gift from my SIL, the gift’s message was for “someone special – a close friend”, hence the colour of the pearl would not have a definition of romance. The box I got could have any of the 5 colours 

  • Lavender (health, tranquility and protection)
  • Cream (happiness, wealth, success and inner peace)
  • Peach (love, faith, passion and romance)
  • Black (self-confidence, wisdom and strength)
  • White (positivity, purity and energy)


My wish pearl was a black pearl, because it’s not lavender, cream, peach or white. Let the magnetic nature and magic begin … 

Happy 29th February!

Have a great week!



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