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Two winters ago, when we moved out from our 3-bedroom apartment and bought a house, we inherited a pretty matured garden – the walnut tree, climbing grape plant, rhubarb, lavender, red berries and the many flowerbeds just to name a few. Little did we realise that our little garden transformed into “Eden” some 4 to 6 months after our move 😀

Spring’s in the air!

Ooops….to be precise, Spring WAS in the air.  This post happened to be two seasons too late 😀

<< Flashback…

The rookie in me went gallivanting around the entire backyard smelling the Spring air and arming with a digital camera.

I could not resist.

The colours were amazing!

1. Flowerbed11. Flowerbed21. Flowerbed3_Tulip1. Flowerbed4_Roses1. Flowerbed51. Flowerbed6_Forget-me-not1. Flowerbed7_Forget-me-not1. Flowerbed8_Forget-me-not1. Flowerbed91. Flowerbed101. Flowerbed111. Flowerbed131. Flowerbed141. Flowerbed151. Flowerbed161. Flowerbed172. Grape tree2. Red berries2. Walnut tree2. Anise Hyssop

A rose is a rose is a rose, until…

Our rose beds did not disappoint us – red, yellow, white – all blossomed immaculately.  Neither my husband nor I have green fingers. We trusted nature and let nature took its course.

3 Red Rose3 Yellow Rose

3 White Rose13 White Rose2

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Picture-perfect, until someone rang our door bell this summer – THRICE! The first one was shorter, and then it became lingeringly longer the second and third time.

*Ding Dong*

*Diiinnng Donnnnnnng*

*Diiiiiinnnnnggggg Donnnnnggggg*

It was Lucas’ Mum.

Lucas is my younger son’s school friend. He was at our place since noon and it was 6pm when it was time for him to go home.

My husband opened the door hurriedly after the 3rd – annoying – ring. Lucas’ Mum did not come in the house immediately; instead, she beckoned my husband to come out of the house.  She was pointing to our white climbing roses.

“The red spots on your white roses are the wicked works of the “valse roos” (which is Dutch for false rose) growing unawares next to your climbing roses”, said Lucas’ Mum. 

4 White Rose_red spots14 White Rose_red spots24 White Rose_red spots34 White Rose_red spots4

Huh?  How did she know all these?

Then we learnt that her Mum had gone through the same thing. She was only sharing with us a similar experience.

“You have to destroy the shoot from the roots.  It’s not the real rose, but pretends to look like one”, retorted Lucas’ Mum.

Oh my…. she sounded dead serious.

“There! There’s the false shoot.  Destroy it before it multiplies!” She continued.

 5 White Rose_false shoot15 White Rose_false shoot2

When Lucas and his Mum left our sight, I started pulling the shoot, but the hardy shoot was deeply rooted to the ground. It did not move an inch.

While hubs was busy with the weeding and pruning in another part of the garden, I focused on the “false rose”. The thought of having all these unwanted clones in our garden scared me to bits.  I tugged the shoot with all my might and it finally came off. 


I tried to google to get more information about the “false shoot”, but zilch. Nada. Maybe it is called by another name; however, I only got to know this “alien” in the Dutch language.  This false shoot has nothing to do with the “False rose of Jericho”, by the way.

My tugging ended with a snap of the shoot, which was the less tough end, reminding me of snapping an asparagus at the base to remove the toughest end of the spear, but boy, was that  a giant of an asparagus!

6 False rose shoot16 False rose shoot2

By the way, the most interesting point to note is that the false sucker has 7 leaflets as opposed to 5-leaved cultivated roses. A real rose shoot is thorny whilst the shoot of the wild sucker is thorn-less.

Check this out!

7 Seven leaved shoot

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
-William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet –

Come Spring 2014, do check out your rose garden, that’s if you have one 😉 

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