I am vaccinated … and what now

So I’ve made it, like millions of others. Yup, “ik ben gevaccineerd.” (I am vaccinated)

My 1st shot was scheduled for Monday 7th June, 2021 at 16:14. I arrived at the Vaccination Centre earlier than my slotted time as I gathered the hour was not the trigger but the date was. By the way, the e-Ticket or QR code was not even necessary, however, before entering the building my temperature was taken. It went very quickly and I was inside waiting in line for my turn at the reception. My ID card was the key pass document and main tracker. A guy behind the plexiglass handed me a card with the number 3. There were 4 numbers and 3 was the red line.

The coloured lines immediately reminded me of the London Underground. Red Line being the Central Line and one of my favourite lines to commute 😉

There were 4 mysterious looking cabins 1, 2, 3 and 4. No vaccine name appeared anywhere, however, a lady sitting behind me was curious and asked one of the frontline assistants if the 4 cabins were for different vaccines. I overheard her reply “Today’s vaccine is only xxx”. Phew! What a relief!

When the light bulb turned green in front of me, it was my turn to get in. The doctor on duty was sanitising the chair before I was seated.

She asked me a few questions as part of the standard Covid-19 pre vaccination screening.

Do you have any allergies?

Have you been tested positive for Covid-19 the last 14 days?

Did you have an operation/ surgery the last 4 months?

Do you have long term health problem with your heart, lung or kidney?

Are you having an operation/surgery soon?

Do you have breast cancer or any other form of cancer or family history of cancer?

Do you have bleeding disorder or have you taken any blood thinning medication?

I was wondering if I had answered yes to one of the questions, could I still get the vaccination?

A nurse came towards me with a closed carton kit in her hand. The first and only question she asked was, “which is your dominant arm?”. Being a right hander, I rolled up my sleeve on my left arm. The nurse said, “ breathe in and out and relax”. I didn’t feel any sharp needle but I felt a quick warm spurt of something getting into my left arm. And DONE! It was so quick, I didn’t feel anything. “That’s the idea”, said the nurse.

The doctor passed me a card with the date of my 1st dose and my next appointment.

A second card had the time of when I’m allowed to leave the building. It’s the standard 15 minutes waiting time.

I got up and followed the arrows on the floor leading to a cordoned waiting bay. There were already several people waiting there facing in the same direction towards a digital clock.

Fast forward 12th July, 2021

As with my 1st appointment, I arrived at the Vaccination Centre earlier than scheduled. Exactly the same process applied: my temperature was taken, my ID card controlled and a card with a number was given. I got my number 3 and red line again. Hmmmm… was that a fluke or a controlled process? Then again, I didn’t mind “commuting” on the Central Line one more time 😉

And there I was (again) waiting for my turn when the light bulb turned green.

It was a different doctor from the one I had during my 1st vax but I was interrogated with almost exactly the same questions, akin to the sound of an old gramophone playing over and over again. Ha ha…

I asked her if it was okay for me to take a “selfie” of my injection in action.

Don’t forget to smile” was her friendly reply.

Yeah, yeah … behind my mask. Lol! 😷

And prick went the needle in my arm for the 2nd time. Again, I didn’t feel anything or should I? I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️

I was told by the doctor if I didn’t have any side effect after my 1st vax, chances of having one would be higher after the 2nd dose that would usually last for 2 days.

And the verdict is …

It has been a bit more than 2 days since my vax. So far so good, except for the sore arm that deterred me from sleeping on my left side for 2 nights. That’s about it!

I have heard from some friends who had experienced rather bad symptoms even after the 1st dose: fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, migraine, loss of appetite, fatigue, swollen arm etc.

And me? I think my biggest symptom is my sudden good appetite, rummaging the fridge and cupboards for something to eat every now and then. It must be a very hungry variant that was injected in me 😬

So, I have been vaccinated, and what now? More people have had at least 1 dose and/or fully vaccinated, but sadly, cases are again increasing in several countries, as I write this post.

When is this going to end? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Stay safe! 😷

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