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This is Nasifriet’s journal .  How she came to this nonsensical sounding pen name will be revealed in  a while.  So read on…

Nasifriet is a Sarawakian, married and a full-time working mum to two sons and residing in Belgium since the autumn of 1995.  Her blog is about a link between her birth place (Sarawak) and her current location (Belgium).  A link that would hopefully make the world, er… seem smaller?   What better way to start with her pen name, NasifrietNasifriet is a concatenated word blend of Nasi (“rice” in Malay) and Friet (“fries” in Flemish or Dutch).  A marriage made in heaven 🙂  !!! Too much carbo- ? Who cares! Carbohydrates perform numerous roles in living things.  Yes, ENERGY!  That’s what Nasifriet‘s blog will be about… anything and everything that come her way with touches of vitality and vigour.  Happy reading 🙂

22 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. oh padu. that’s brilliant che. both country’s staple food, rice and kentang. hope to get to read more stories from your blog.

  2. Salam sejahtera dan Salam satu Malaysia !! What you are doing Che is adding Zest and excitement to your life and hopefully its contagious!! Lol cheers and carry on blogging!

  3. Assalamu alaikum bro! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you like it as much as I like sharing my thoughts with you all (in writing). You’re absolutely right. I’m happiest when I’m in my own world scrawling and scribbling, managing my own mind map. LOL! How r u, Kiaw and the kids? Hope all is well. Keep well and stay healthy……….shalom xxx

  4. Why not write a book…anything,that crosses your mind, could be a’ European’ story or even some ‘ Eurasian’ story of how east meets west culture…you figure it out, you are the creative one in the family. Btw, some 8-9 years ago, I’ve sent via email the Melanau linggo lesson which I’ve called it “Melanau over the net” ( you know Melanau being Seafarers/fisherman and all that). Did you used it with your kids?

  5. Mmmmm…write a book…not sure abt that. That’s a diff dimension altogether. So “ma huan”, esp living in a non-English speaking part of the globe 😦 . Oh yes, I remember the Melanau lessons you sent us. Need to go for a refresher course when mum’s here ;-). Akou lok angai telabau tapi jegem sai? Wak debei apah telabau likou Mukah gitou. A dua aniek lai kou ta’au telabau jumiek2 un. Lo yen ta’au ‘keman’, ‘tuteng’, ‘tudui’, ‘budei’. Geji un. See I still cherish my roots….!! LOL!

  6. Well, you are right about writing novels as it is more serious in nature vis-a vis Blog where its a whole lot of rojak and ice kacang all in one meal. Taste great!!

  7. LOL! Spot-on on the ‘rojak’ and ‘ais kacang’! “Super lekker” (delicious). Life is too short for being too serious. I’d rather be lightheaded, footloose and fancy-free from all bureacracies 😀 !!

  8. Ditto to that!! Btw, mom is excited about the European reunion July trip and I’m happy for her. Any updates about the Iceland volcanic ash thingy? Perspectives perhaps on climatic change?

  9. Yeah, it is hard to imagine that this almost week-long eruption would not have any impact on the climate change! When Mt Pinatubo (the Phil) erupted in the early 90’s, the global temp lowered by abt 0.4 – 0.5C, but with the global warming, it is quite likely that the temp will breakeven. So far, no changes in temp in EU. It’s spring and this weekend we are expecting 20 to 22C and nights will be in the region of 10C. On a diff note, I’m looking forward to mum’s and Dada’s visit. Can’t wait for the summer to unfold 😀

  10. Hi! I finally found you…after a long time! Anyway, I sometimes…only sometime forward email to you at your previous address but was just not sure if you are still using that email address. Then i came back to this blog few times but didn’t even know that you use another name for your blog…so simply click here and there then found your profile. So how do we communicate? here? or ???…’cos I am not sure this is where I should write. Please get back to me soon ;)…Enjoy your evening!…Cheers!

  11. Hey Mary!

    Good to “see” you here! The email add is correct, but I must confess that I only check my emails on weekends. If you need to “talk” to me, then use my office email add. That way, you would be sure to get a reply from me. For “forwards” and whatnots, pls use my personal email add (the one you have already).

    However, if you want to, you can leave a comment on my blog, and you will definitely get a reply from me 🙂

    BTW, Aileen found me here, too! Guess you told her? So good to hear from her (again)!!

    Hope all is well at your end.


  12. Oh forgot one thing. To know when I have a new post on my blog, you can already subscribe to my blog. It’s on the homepage, top righthand corner 😉

    See ya!

  13. Hello there!

    Yep! I was actually asking Aileen if she’s still keeping in touch with you…etc…:) then I told her about your blog. Glad to hear that she found you (again)…heehee…

    Ok, I really wanna “talk” to you on something…but I will write to you at your office email add (just to make sure I get your answer before Christmas ;))

    “Talk” soon….take care!


  14. Awel ji kaau/ Goeden avond/ Guten Tag Nasifriet.

    Padu bei kawak likou mukah gak belgium 🙂 akou ketayi ngak gak german enda petemu lalu likou a debei gak tanak eropah tou. Mun bei rejeki neh kena la tua temu gak belgium. Tapak ajau tou dengak agei akou jungat likou belgium XD. Mun bei masa neh, kena la akou mapun belgium. Mun kena kaau jadi toruist guide agei best !!

  15. Inou dengah? Tapak ajau tou dengak agei a likou Mukah tulih (comment) gak blog akou. Kaau jelawaeh un 🙂 Terima Kaseh. Kudok gan kaau? Mukah ? Kuching? Akou setengah un Melanau (sebelaeh a tama) tapi gak lebok, melou telabau Hokkien min. Ien lah akou “sign up with” Learn Melanau. Hope to catch up with my rusty Melanau (likou Mukah). Mun kaau tapak gitou (Belgium), kaau jadi “cikgu likou mukah”. Akou jadi tourist guide…

  16. boleh2 hehe. akou laher asal miri. tipum likou mukah keman tutus hilir. melou idak keluarga gak mukah inan. neh mun akou bei plan mapun belgium kenalah tuwa temu 🙂

  17. Hi there Jasline!!! Thanks so much for the nomination and your LOVE!!! I can feel it over here in Belgium! BIG hug xxx

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