My Half-Day Thermomix Experience

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Personal
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Before Saturday, 24th October, I have not heard of Vorwerk. Since then, Vorwerk is a name to be reckoned with. Vorwerk‘s main business is the direct distribution of various products, of which the Thermomix is one of them.

Now, what IS Thermomix?

I was curious so I said ‘yes’ to a Thermomix demo, which, on schedule, indicated 3 hours plus 100 km drive from origin to destination and back. Was it worth it? Let’s find out …

Saturday, 24th October

There were 2 places left and hubby and I filled in the gap just in time. By the way, the invitation was not circulated to any Tom, Dick or Harry. It was a special invitation for a very small and private group of audience. It was a lovely day that day, and driving 50 km was not too bad. We were told the demo would start at 13:30CET. We reached the location just in time when another couple had also just arrived. We got to know one another briefly before the kick-off of the demo by the Thermomix Advisor.

The kitchen was nicely set up with the proper utensils neatly laid out on the table. The idea was to create a comfortable ambience.


The star of the day was a little “robot” believed to be the latest re-invention of SIMPLICITY in the kitchen, the 4th generation of the Thermomix, manufactured in a Vorwerk plant in France, and headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. Yes, it’s a very European invention.

And here, we see the evolution of the Thermomix from 1961 to-date.


And by the way, the name of this ‘robot’ is TM5, the latest re-invention and the reason why we were present at the demo.

Honestly speaking, I was starting to get hungry as it was almost 2pm! I could hear my tummy rumbling. LOL!

Luckily, there were already foods prepared before we arrived. The TM5 Advisor made all these in her magic mixer ~ ciabatta, wholemeal bread, tuna walnut spread, candied ginger cheese spread and chia seed crackers. They were absolutely delicious!


The TM5 Advisor then prepared a 3-course meal à la minute in the world’s smallest and smartest kitchen, the most advanced touch-screen Thermomix.

This fresh pea mint soup was ready  in 25 minutes.


The main course Pasta all’arrabbiata was plated up within half an hour!


For dessert, we had frozen fruit sorbet, whipped up in the TM5 in less than 3 minutes! Seeing is believing! 

The TM5 Advisor also baked 2 cakes! A chiffon cake made with pulverised fresh pandan  juice and gluten-free Brownie with chestnut purée. She also made refreshing lemonade from fresh lemon and orange in 1 minute!

All these were conjured right before our eyes! We were dumbstrucked…


The demo could have gone a lot faster if the other couple could understand English. Unfortunately, the wife spoke Italian and understood very little English. Her husband had to translate every single sentence for her. Afterall, if she was a potential buyer, she would be the one who would be using the product, not her husband. He confessed of being futile in the kitchen and did not mind translating every single word patiently for his wife. From a supposedly 3-hour demo, we ended up staying for 5 hours!

Not that we were complaining. On the contrary. We were stuffed to the brim! *grin*

What’s with the demo?

Well, there’s always a catch, right. If the ‘fisher’ used the right net, (s)he will enjoy a big catch. Did the ‘fisher’ manage to catch me in her net? Well, THAT is the question?

A bigger audience that day would probably go there just for the food, but would a smaller audience like us that day make any difference?

Let’s be pragmatic, shall we?. First of all I have never heard of Vorwerk until that day. On the other hand, I know of a girlfriend who bought the 1996 version of the Thermomix, the  TM21 second hand for the purpose of making baby food. She had used it once or twice and that’s it! It’s probably stashed in her storeroom somewhere or standing on the kitchen plateau as a white elephant. Oh oh! Me think that’s in my DNA, too. Yikes! If you have read my post, here, I mentioned about my “secret investments” which’re my husband’s nightmares…Ouch!

And by the way, TM5 promised a LOT of ‘magical’ things that makes my eyes twinkle with excitement. The interactive demo on 24th Oct, for instance. BUT, wait until you hear this. It’s NOT a cheap product! Now, did my eyes twinkle? Afraid not, but my lips pursed, yes.

To buy or not to buy?

Yes,THAT is the question!

I have to remind myself that two Christmases ago, I received a Kenwood Major Premium set from hubby. A special gift I got tucked neatly under the Christmas tree. In the meantime, I have also bought a Soupmaker, a Multi-Cooker, a coffee grinder, a steamer and what-have-you? God knows why I am hoarding/stockpiling all these kitchen gadgets!  Do I have space for another piece of item in my kitchen?  Or will it be just another white elephant ? 

Yup, I have a million and one questions in my head. First, I need to make a checklist and tick imaginary boxes … the pros and cons.

I’ll be back, whether I’m sold with the idea, so stay tuned ..

Have a great weekend and stay warm.


  1. What an interesting write-up and I love your (insane) attention to details!

  2. Nasifriet says:

    Thanks for the interactive demo! I guess Ana must be enjoying her TM5. She was really into it👍

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